The meeting of February 6, 2020 was what one might call a double header. We had two speakers address our Rotary Club this week. The first speaker was Past District 5500 Governor Kirk Reed. Kirk attended our meeting to present the Club with a District Award. The Valle Verde Rotary Club was one of only nine clubs in District 5500 to receive the award this year. The award was given in recognition of the Clubs significant participation in the areas of: Club Services, Community Service, Youth Services, International Service, Veterans, and Literacy. The award is in the form of a digital file that can be used on website, etc. rather than paper which may end up in a waste basket. Kirk expressed the thanks from all of the District Leadership for the efforts of the club! The second speaker was our own Dr. Phil Silvers who spoke on Rotary’s efforts in the area of Peace and Conflict Resolution. It was apparent after Phil’s introduction by Kathleen Silvers that Phil should be in the Rotary International Hall of Fame if there is such a thing. His contributions to RI are stellar. During his talk Phil pointed out that Rotary does not involve itself in any specific political or religious groups. This is a real key to getting progress to occur across borders. Since conflicts are the result of several causes including Tribalism, Aversion to the Unfamiliar, the Empathy, and Competitive Victim hood it is key that Rotary work on mitigating these sources. Phil did an excellent job of identifying how Rotary through its many activities is taking working toward Peace and Conflict Resolution around the world. I came away from this talk feeling that Rotary is making a difference around the world.