Posted by Jack Grieves

At our regular meeting held February 28. 2019, we were privileged to welcome District 5500 Rotarian Diane Ventura-Goodyear, a current nominee for Governor of District 5500, who, as a member of the Board of Directors of The Rotary Vocational Fund Of Arizona, Inc. (TRVFA), presented a program about that fund.


Th goal of TRVFA is to help fund vocational training for persons who need schooling or training in a vocation to enable them to obtain a vocational certification which will enable them to obtain vocational employment in support of their families.


TRVFA was formed 20 years ago and has been assisting those in need of vocational training ever since.  The program is open to any person in need of such training, regardless of their age.  To qualify for a program grant, the applicant:  must make application to TRVFA showing financial need; must file the most current Free Application for Student Financial Aid; provide a copy of their Student Aid Report; seek training in a qualifying vocational area; be a legal resident of the State of Arizona; attend a school/training institution; be sponsored by a Rotary Club in Arizona and be interviewed by that club.  If the applicant is accepted, TRVFA may make a one-time grant of up to $3,000 to pursue the vocational training desired.  The grant money is paid directly to the school or training institution, not to the applicant.


Preferred programs for priority funding are:  trades, maintenance and contraction; health and wellness; and emerging technologies.  Currently, the predominate area of training is the nursing program.


Funding for TRVFA is provided through donations and gifts.  Individuals who donate may be eligible for a deduction against their Arizona income tax, based on the amount of their donations.