Club Notes of August 22, 2019

By Michele Lewis

Members of the Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers, Sylvia Bencomo , Linda Rundel, and Deputy Sheriff Tom Holtz, presented to our Club a most informative overview of scams occurring in Green Valley and how to protect ourselves from becoming the next victim.

SAV is one hundred percent donor and volunteer driven. All operating expenses are fully funded by foundation and community donations. Currently there are 130 volunteers who serve in a variety of capacities. Some volunteer activities include calling daily to check on the welfare of elderly citizens, checking home security and driving through neighborhoods. The Scam Squad was an outgrowth of the neighborhood watch program as so many questions were frequently asked about computer and telephone scams. Educating and protecting local businesses, customers and residents of Green Valley is at the heart of SAV’s mission.

Advice given:

· Never pay a fine or debt with gift cards.

· Recognize that selling items on-line is fraught with risk for a scam.

· Be warned the IRS will not call you to discuss your taxes.

· Do not answer questions from a caller you do not know.

· Understand scam artists’ phishing is commonplace in an attempt to seek out vulnerable people.

· Place notification alerts on your banking accounts when monies are withdrawn.

· Install firewalls on computers and cell phones.

· Don’t answer the phone if you don’t recognize the number. Robocalls are rampant with billions placed annually.

· Guard against placing personal information on Facebook.

· Freeze your credit.

· Use internet web sites cautiously.

· Be skeptical – if it sounds too good – it probably is not true.

· Don’t believe the “relative in distress” calls.

· Sound out a friend for their reaction and feedback.

And lastly

· Tell the SAV Scam Squad about scam attempts.