Posted by Richard D. Roberts
   It was one of those casual mornings when a lot of little things were addressed:
     - A letter from the Rotary International President honoring Carl's 100th birthday and 68 years of perfect attendance
     -Meeting Steve Sibulsky of the Coeur d'Alene Idaho club who is taking up winter residence in Green Valley.
     - Jim Rusk's update on the Foundation. Funding 17 projects with $50,000. Biggest contributor -"JAZZ" with a net of $30,000,
Then it was "serious hour", A report of the FAB-Four (Bob and Virginia Juettner, Gary Friedman,Tom Cooke) trip to the Navaho Reservation to check out the water crisis. And a crisis it is. Most have limited access to water, waiting for the arrival of the water truck to fill barrels and pails, A partial solution is under way with the instillation of 1200 gallon water tanks, pumps, etc.The process that decides who gets the new system is somewhat opaque.
A point was made that Rotary funds many worthy projects across the globe ( think our involvement in Uganda), and here is a poverty project right at our front door.
Next time you take a shower - count your blessings.
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