April 30th Club Notes
                Thirty eight participants took part in Thursday’s meeting.  We were honored with international guests, Malte Wiedeman and Paulo de Olivera, former Rotary exchange students.  Malte is currently working in a factory doing machine repair after returning home to finish his final year of school.  He is considering returning to school—possibly a technical school.  With quarantine in place, masks are required in stores and public transportation.  Paulo graduated in 2016 and is currently in college majoring in film making with two years of school left.
It was Steve Sibulsky’s birthday April 30.
Virginia Juettner sent two masks to Charlotte which were made from unused Rotary International Convention shirts.  Charlotte is awarding the masks to last week’s speaker, Jim Rusk, and to Chuck Wunder for his weekly Covid-19 updates.  Chuck was unable to participate at this meeting due to a conflict.
Rotary is raising funds for Covid-19 assistance with a May 2 telethon starting at 8:00 AM.
Mary Fisher did the online Rotary Surge training and found it easy to do.  She foresees Corona virus contact tracers as a possible way trainees may use their new skills.  JP mentioned he completed online membership training.
Charlotte went over the club survey results.   She received twenty-nine survey responses.  There were many responses of why we invite people to come to our club meetings.  Fellowship and learning about Rotary were frequently mentioned.  62% of club members said they follow our club through Facebook or the club website.  93% said they believe they are aware of community needs.  65% prefer involvement  in  local projects.  76% believe their opinion counts in club decisions.  96% feel informed about club business.  97% read the club newsletter.  100% are satisfied with Jazz in the Desert.  76% said keep the weekly raffle ticket program the same.  66% would like to have more fun meetings or events.  69% agreed with donating Jim Click funds raised to St Andrews this coming year.  There were many comments on improving meetings.
May is Youth Services Month.  Bill Grantham is attempting to organize a May 7 program involving Interact and RYLA participants.  Not easy to track them down with no school in session.  On May 14 Gary will present a Microcredit Sonora program. 
Club Assembly Reports:
Steve reported 1/3 of members don’t open Club Runner emails.
Kathleen has set a goal to align speakers with the Rotary theme, Rotary Connects the World.  Another goal is to involve Interact and RYLA students with ZOOM meetings.  Mary Fisher will be our program chair next year.
Bill Grantham reported for Community Service.  Arivaca Center still has $1,300 left to. Spend from the grant they received.  Our club Peace Pole has been shipped.  Some time in July or August there are plans to have a dedication ceremony at Desert Meadows Park.  The pole has messages in eight languages representing all the continents where Rotary exists.
Jim Rusk reported the Valle Verde Foundation’s Income/Expense Report shows income of $37,038 and expenses for 15 projects totaling $30,775 and a balance of $6,263.  $16,500 to be paid to the Jazz in the Desert  bands has not yet been paid, but is included in the expenses.  The Vanguard account is currently $227,000.  With the ever changing stock market, it has been as high as $250,000 and lower than its present value.
Bill Grantham for Youth Service indicated recruiting new Interact students is a challenge due to the current environment.
JP reported a bequest to the Rotary Foundation in excess of $20,000 from Dick Roberts.
Mark Horton indicated some members have not yet made their EREY contribution.  Checks may be mailed to P.O. Box 311, Green Valley, AZ 85622.  JP indicated he is sending out a letter to members and indicated the letter will provide his mailing address so members may mail their EREY contribution directly to him.  Clubs whose members contribute $100 per member earn the Sustaining Member Club designation.
Michele Lewis reporting for Club Services mentioned the addition of Dean as a third reporter of weekly meetings.  Steve and Michele designed a new book mark as part of the Birthday Books program she has accepted.  She wants the books to reflect value to the kids.  Club social events have been halted.  She is hopeful of being able to plan a Memorial Day event.