Our ZOOM gathering attracted at least 40 participants which included former exchange student and Interact President, Elizabeth Libiete, from Latvia, and Bob and Virginia Juettner from Hawaii.  It was so nice to reconnect with them and we thank them for taking part with the inconvenience of different time zones.  And, of course, we welcomed Olivia also.
Marvin  showed us his birthday cake with its 88 candles which were responsible for setting off his smoke alarm when lit.  Happy Birthday Marvin.  John Cousins birthday is 04/27 Monday.  Fewer candles for John.
Eight clubs in District 5500 submitted photos of projects assisting in the Covid-19 response.  Our board as requested an additional $500 grant for the food bank.
John Yeager presented a $750 donation to the Valle Verde Foundation on behalf of the Sojourners.  Charlotte thanked the Sojourners with a video presentation featuring each of the Sojourners.  
Phil Silvers announced a district project to raise $10,000 for disaster relief for Palestinians who are not covered by health insurance.  With a matching grant the $10,000 will become $20,000 of  the total goal of raising $120,000.  Members who wish to donate to this cause through the Rotary Foundation should advise Phil what amount they wish to go to this project.
Chief Wunder provided another update to the Covid-19 situation in Green Valley.  Some models say we have reached a peak, but Governor Ducey thinks we are not ready to open up yet until sometime in May.  One health worker at LaPosada tested positive and is under quarantine.  None of the Fire Department employees have reported being sick.  Serology testing to identify antibodies and antigens will begin next week.  PPE is improving.  The department has enough cloth masks.  Chuck has been advised to be prepared for another repeat of the virus this fall.   Charlotte showed a photo of the department crew who were called to her home to assist her husband and expressed her thanks to them for their help.  
Jim Rusk provided a very interesting presentation entitled My Three Lives—Growing Up,Education, and Army—Small Business Owner—R & R.
The short version follows:  Jim was born in 1939 in New York and his family moved to Ohio and Michigan.  As a Boy Scout he attended a World Jamboree in California which opened up a whole new world for him.  Jim followed brother Ed to the Columbia Military Academy in Tennessee and graduated in 1956.  Jim began college at Purdue studying engineering before transferring to Kent State where he majored in accounting and ROTC.  Jim proposed to Kathie on graduation day.  They were married in April 1962.  
Six months after graduation Jim went on active duty where he completed Ranger school and Airborne school before traveling the world to foreign destinations in Germany, Vietnam, Ethiopia, And Greece.  He was also stationed at Ft Benning, Ft Devens, Ft Harrison, Ft Lewis, and Ft Harrison in the USA.  Jim was promoted to Major before going to Vietnam and retired from the military in 1983 with the rank of Lt Colonel.  One of the interesting experiences he had was meeting the Iran hostages when he was assigned to make additional payments to them for their time in captivity.
A year before retiring Jim and Kathie bought Northern Lights  Resort in Ely, Minnesota where they had vacationed.  They operated the resort until 2000.  For one year Jim was the editor of the local Ely newspaper.  It was then he joined Rotary where the annual fundraiser was a radio auction.  
After selling the resort, they moved to Indianapolis and began spending winters in Florida.  They visited an Ely friend in Green Valley and decided they liked Arizona more than Florida.  Jim joined Valle Verde in 2005 and has enjoyed his roles with the Arrivaca Learning Center projects, Jazz in the Desert, and Fisher House.
Jim and Kathie have two sons, Michael and Jim.  Mike has two adopted daughters.  Jim’s son, Colton, is now serving on a submarine.