Posted by Michele Lewis
     Steve Sibulsky became the newest member of Valle Verdi Rotary Club.  With a voice so mesmerizing and soothing to our ears, Steve was a success as the emcee for the 10th annual Jazz in the Desert.   He was perfect and we look forward to many more years with Steve as a member of our Club.
     Ah youth – how sweet it is!  Our meeting was graced by three high school students that provided a glimpse into their lives and countries.
     We first heard from Eliza Magallanes, President of the Rotary Interact Club.  During her year abroad in Russia as a Rotary exchange student, she realized her love of languages and the ease in which she learned Russian.  In keeping with this, she applied for a scholarship through the United States Congress and out of hundreds of applicants was awarded a one year study program in Germany.   Just imagine her future, the impact she will have in our world, and all that she will accomplish.
     The two Rotary exchange students our Club is sponsoring this year, were introduced. 
     First we met, Ravine Sales, from Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world.   As an exchange student she attends high school in Nogales, Arizona.   In Brazil, she is an 11th grader at a private school and a member of a large family.  She has many interests including playing the violin, playing soccer, photographing her favorite people and sites, and traveling.  I am pretty sure she has given up on roller coaster rides!
     Slovakia, a country of five million people in the heart of Europe and carved out of several other countries in 1993, is home to our second Rotary exchange student, Domedny Mate.  A country graced by mountains, lakes, and caves attracts many outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world.  Handball is a popular sport and played by all the members of Mate’s family.  In Slovakia, Mate studies mechanical engineering and has a passion for football and plays as a kicker and safety.   His dream is to play professional football in the United States. 
     Welcome, Ravine and Mate!