Changing lives and communities is at the heart of all we do as Rotarians.   And today’s announcements were no different. 
          Ride to End Polio in conjunction with El Tour de Tuscon has raised $53m since 2010.    But the popular bicycling event that has attracted riders from all over the world is in danger of losing its sponsor.  J.P. Pilger appealed to our Club for contributions to this cause.
          Food – Hunger – Poverty.    Under the leadership efforts of John Yeager, the annual March Food Fight to End Hunger took place.   The competition between the Sojourners and those “planted” in Green Valley resulted in donations totaling $6258 and once again the Sojourners won.  Money donated will purchase 60,000 pounds of food.   Just wait until next year – the challenge is on.  
         On Thursday, April 18, Fisher House will experience a flurry of activity with volunteers from our Club.  Please let Max Perry know if you are interested in helping that day. 
        Guest speaker Linda Strader and author of “Summers of Fire” spoke about her experiences as a woman U.S. forest firefighter.  Linda described those seven years beginning with her first assignment in Nogales at the Florida Ranger Station.     Six words can aptly describe her as forest firefighter:  courageous, resilient, strong, determined, brave and reliable.   Fire Chief Chuck Wunder thanked Linda for her work and all the women firefighters in Green Valley who are an integral part of the Green Valley Fire District.    
        Andi Grantham appealed to everyone to complete the Member Survey.  It is important to have your feedback.