Way back in the old days when I was a teenager, there was a British TV show called This Was The Week That Was hosted by David Frost. It didn't last long but the title always stayed with me. This was another of the weeks that was for Valle Verde Rotary Club. Starting with last Thursday, we had or did the following:
  1. We met at Quail Creek to hear John Abraham speak on advanced medical directives and the rights of those who wish to die.
  2. Some of the members meet with the some of the members of the Rotary Clubs of Nogales from AZ and Sonora to discuss a safe drinking water project at a school in Nogales, Sonora.
  3. Friday was Birthday Books at the Continental School and we had a good turnout of members including Benjamin Gillette who drafted a worker to help out.
  4. Saturday was the Chilli Cook Off at La Posada. Some of our members were judges and some of us sold beer as a fund raiser, maybe. Last year we lost $1.50 but this year we switched from kegs to cans. If we did not give away too many samples and comp the band, maybe we made some money. In any case we have beer left over for a Thirsty Thursday at someone's house.
  5. Also on Saturday, President Jim and a few others went to Arivacca to check out the community health fair with an eye to a future project.
Here is a little advice for our new Rotarians--get involved now before it is too late. There is more to being a Rotarian than paying dues and going to a meeting. If the Club activities do not interest you, start one of your own and see how it works out. All of the activities above were started by individual Valle Verde Rotarians who saw a need and did something about that needed to get done:
  • Kids need to read; give them there own book once a year.
  • Safe drinking water is needed in Mexico just 50 miles away.
  • You want to work farther afield or abroad, speak to Phil Silvers.
  • Come and have a drink of your favorite beverage at the next Thirsty Thursday. Tell us a little about yourself and maybe someone might reciprocate.
  • Our club possess a wealth of talent and wisdom. Ever hear of impressionist photography? Speak to Sonja who has an amazing life.
Our approval process for new members is pretty light. However, there are only 1.2 million Rotarians in this world out of a population of 6 or 7 billion humans. Make the best of being a Rotarian.