Posted by Bob Juettner
Our Rotary year is winding down but not the work. Today, the Board approved Rick Buckman for membership and advanced his name to the membership. The Social Event Calendar was update through May along with the Speakers. Our Club Assembly meeting which is on May 30th, will be held at 5 pm at Triple Play. There will be some competitive event--minature golf and possibly a pinball tournament if a pinball machine can be found in the game room. Before I forget this, Col. Maureen Frey Retired will represent our Club on May 27th, Memorial Day, at the Community Cementery's Veterans Day Recognition.
Looking ahead to June, we will have Paul Barker's year in review, Andi Grantham's installation and DG Elle Pattrerson's installation.
In the mean time, Aloha from Bob & Virginia