Last Saturday was the Sojourners' Farewell party and the attendance was not what was expected. I know the weather turned threatening later in the afternoon but the low attendance indicates that a change is needed.  If you have suggestions about the timing, venue etc. please pass them along to PE Andi. Let's prove the old adage wrong--Rotarians can change. We were successful in one endeavor during the farewell party, the remaining silent auction items from Jazz were sold.
Mike Duiven did a great report on last weeks speakers and the need to support our community food banks. We have two more meetings before the Food Fight to End Hunger is over.  Please dig deep and help Valle Verde to win the food fight once again! Would it be asking to much for the regulars members to win? I was truly surprised when PP Ray Cook said we won once. It must have been before my time in Valle Verde Rotary.
Friday, April 12th will be an I 19 luncheon at El Marcos in Nogales, Sonora. The cost is $30 for lunch, a drink, tip and transportation from the border to El Marcos and back to the boarder.  There is a limited number of guests and all five clubs are participating so see me to sign up.  I need to caution folks that you have to walk to the vans and then wait in line to get back to the States. CBP no longer has a line for seniors--there goes one of our few perks. Also, passport or border crossing card is required to get back.