President Larry oversaw his last board of directors meeting this past Monday. We all reviewed of areas of responsibilities to ensure a smooth transition to President Jim in a few weeks.  (You may remember to President Larry is off to see a new grandchild and some R & R with Tammy in Hawaii so he will not be around for the rest of June.) Some of the highlights of the meeting were:
  1. Dottie Hill won the Paul Harris drawing for the month!
  2. Arlyeen Boyuls was granted a leave of absence or the Rule of 85. It is her choice.
  3. Max Perry is going to investigate the biggest social gig of next year. I will let him tell you about it.
  4. Dues will most likely go up in July. This was a big item of discussion but action was postponed until soon to be President Jim is back. Some important points of this discussion were: 48% of all of your dues goes to RI & District (the amount increases a dollar or two a year); no one can remember when the dues were last increased; there should be some benefit to the members of increased dues (we seem to be moving to drop fees or costs for two social engagements each year); the dues will probably be increase $12 per quarter to an annual dues of $300.
  5. Phil Silvers was approved as the Valle Verde delegate to the RI Convention. Hopefully, RI will have a quorum.
  6. People favored having "is it fun" as part of our meeting but not as part of the Four Way Test. It will likely be added at the beginning or the end of the meeting but separated in time from the Four Way Test.
  7. Finally, President Larry used $200 of the President's discretionary fun to pay for a partial scholarship for a young musician from Rio Rico to attend a workshop in Tucson.
To wrap this report up, the Shelter Box challenge is alive and very well.  The final amount is still to be determined by within the last 24 hours, the Challenge received a $1,000 from the Marana Rotary Club and a $1,000 from the Green Valley Rotary Club Foundation. For a complete wrap up, see Wednesday's Green Valley News.