Posted by Bob Juettner
This Thursday is the Summer Solstices and President Virginia's final meeting. She has been preparing for several days now and want to get This Was The Year That Was right!
Last Saturday, DGE Kirk Reed became our new district governor. He made one mistake during the evening--he turned the mic over to outgoing district governor Joe Hengtes. Never at a loss for words, Joe said the heck with the schedule and launched into his final speech which was exceptional! It was one of the best speeches I ever heard at a Rotary gathering and I had the opportunity to hear from some legendary past RI Presidents. Way to go out Joe.
I was reading the Rotarian this morning and had a good thought for today. Let's recycle our old Rotarians, magazines that is, into professional offices such as doctors, dentists, lawyers etc. Seeing that we are incapable of getting the word out, the magazine would do  a better job. Any takers?