Posted by Bob Juettner
This week's speaker is Jospeh Ursig, the new CEO of the Green Valley-Shaurita Chamber of Commerce. If you have questions concerning the direction and activities of the Chamber, this is a good time to get them answered.
I visited with Chad Denson last week and got the Arivaca report. The road is open but in bad shape with a lot of sand and floatsam on the road.  Cyclist, bikers and the Border Patrol make driving the road a challenge this year. The Learning Center is getting ready to open for another year. Natalie is back and making plans. I got a some what discouraging report on our drainage report. It sounded as someone who volunteered to work on the drainage project may have forgotten his commitment. Re Chad, he sold his business and went to work for the company that bought his out. He is no looking for a place in Tucson.

Do not forget that Maulty,  our new exchange student, will arrive this Sunday around 8:30 pm Delta willing. His connections are much better than Nika's as his layover in Atlanta is almost reasonable.