Aloha and Happy New Years. The Juettner's have returned from their Griswold Hawaiian vacation and are getting back to work. First, there was a Board of Directors meeting last Monday. The major actions included accepting Alex Droban's resignation. No reason was given in his letter. The Board approved a $250 donation to the medical clinic in Carborca, Sn that is hosting the polio immunization day and a presentation to the membership on the Fisher House, at this Assembly meeting. (Last month the Board approved a $5,000 contribution to the Valle Verde Rotary Club Foundation from surplus finds in the club's checking account. See me if you have any questions.)
Jim Rusk and the Fundraising Committee are closing in on the big event. All members and sojourners are invited to attend the meeting at Quail Creek on Wednesday afternoons. I am sure Jim will have a report on this at the Assembly as well.
Club membership is a growing concern. We understand that a new member is in the wings but we need to recruite continuously. When I was younger and immortal, I wondered whey RI stressed the need to recruit and grow the Rotary Clubs. Now I understand.
WHO WANTS A MEMBERSHIP LIST? See me and I will get you and updated list of names, phone numbers and emails. Addresses will be an option.