I was surprised this morning to find an email inviting me to do a club satisfaction survey on Survey Monkey.  (Please take a few minutes to answer the ten questions in the survey.) This along with the rebirth in our garden is a sure sign that this Rotary year is coming to an end. PE Andi is doing the planning work for her presidential year as well as getting ready for her trip to the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg. Another sign that the Rotary year is ending is the large number of fundraising events taking place in the I-19 Corridor.
Please  note that the Board of Valle Verde will hold its regular monthly meeting this month following our Club meeting on Thursday which will be a good chance to meet the exchange students that we are sponsoring along with the Green Valley and Nogales Rotary Clubs.
I  also want to call attention to the Day of Peace Program coming up this Saturday. If you are interested in going or need a ride contact me or Virginia as we have room in our car for two people.
Right now, the I-19 mixer luncheon appears to be cancelled given the rhetoric about closing the border and relocating CBP agents to other site along the border.  Please see me at the meeting for a refund if you already made a payment on this event.
Finally and maybe most importantly, a big Valle Verde Rotary to Steve Sibulsky who just maticulated from Sojourner to Regular Member status on Apr 1st. No fooling.