Posted by Bob Juettner
There are some interesting movements in RI these days. Five of us plus three Interactors participated in a Day of Peace Program last Saturday. Peace is nothing new to RI but this was the first event I attended and maybe the first event that was attended and presented by a number of peace organizers in Tucson. 
The second big movement is the environment. RI President Barry Rassin started an initiative to speak about environmental impacts especially of rising sea levels. He does not mention hot button words as global warming or climate change but tell audiences about what will happen to his country, the Bahamas as a result of rising sea levels. Finally, the Rotary Foundation adopted a stance on emergency response and is offering Disaster Response Grants to districts to implement response activities. Grant will be made up to $25,000 per project but consecutive projects may be funded.
On the club front, we should have the big reveal for the Food Fight to End Hunger this week as John Yaeger is back.  We will see who wins the competition based upon a per capita amount raised by each group and the per capita amount raised by each club as of March 31st.
We also have a new scribe--Michele Lewis. She is the first woman to join the ranks of club reporters. Way to go Michele!