Your Board of Directors met on Monday.  The meeting was a recap of where the club is going and how it is doing on its goals for the year.
One subject that was discussed was resignation, retention and recruitment.  Pres. Larry acknowledged Jim LeBlanc's service to Valle Verde Rotary and that he would be missed as a result of his resignation.  This led to an interesting discussion about eClubs as a way for folks who have trouble with making meetings and want to be in Rotary.  We also sent along to you Deven and Irene for approval for membership.
Before the meeting ended we voted to send to the membership a set of new bylaws for approval.  Several of us have worked on them on and off since the summer and they are ready for your review and hopefully approval. You wii be getting them via email and printed copies for those that want them.
Finally, WE NEED HELP THIS SATURDAY WORKING AT THE PECAN FESTIVAL. Several volunteers are still needed to work the parking concession at the Pecan Festival this Saturday for the second and third shifts.  If you are capable and willing to work for 2 1/2 hours, please see Tim Campbell at the meeting.  He will have an information session immediately following the regular meeting for the volunteers.  I really wanted to see Paul Barker grovel to get some additional help but business has Paul out of town for a couple of days.