I have been falling down on this project due to my inability/desire to type.  However, my hand is returning to normal so it is time to catch up.
First, Tim Dugan won the monthly drawing for a $100 contribution to the Rotary Foundation.  Tim is approved for the Rule of 85 which means that he has a combination of 85 years of age and participation in Rotary so is exempted from the 60% attendance rule. Tim showed up at one meeting last month and won the prize. Way to go Tim.
The Board of Directors approved Phillip Boone's application for student exchange next year.  This is the first of several steps to see if he qualifies to go abroad.  The Board also wants to sponsor an in bound student under the student exchange program as we did last year with Elizabeth.  This will require finding host families in the Sahuarita School District who can provide housing and a good home environment.
I missed the I 19 mixer two weeks ago because of a conflict.  Attendance was less than anticipated but probably to be expected given how busy we all are at this time of the year.  This was discussed at the I 19 meeting on Monday and was a common theme among the club presidents. It was decided to give it another go in the spring probably in Tubac as it is central to all of the clubs along I 19.
Last Saturday's Pecan Festival was a success as far as the south parking lot went.  I don't know how Pat Shely did in the north parking lot or the Interactors in the pecan store.  For those of us who directed cars into the parking lot on Sahurita Road we have some candid thoughts about drives.  Cynthia Valencia was a natural directing traffic with the orange flags. It turned out that she was in a pit crew a while back and studied the flag men when not servicing the cars.  I think Paul Barker and Tim Campbell did a great job in turning out Valle Verde Rotarians.  Ditto for Mary Fisher and Sandy Wahl with the Interactors.
Finally, we have more volunteer opportunities coming up with the Angel Tress and Salvation Army Bell Ringing.  If you want to spend a few good hours volunteering, I suggest signing up to bell ring with Frances Howe!
Actually, finally, the Thais are coming in February!  According to Eugene Friesen, we will be hosting a Friendship Exchange this February with a group of Thai Rotarians from northern Thailand. This is a great opportunity to meet, greet and host fellow Rotarians.