Club Notes – August 8, 2019
By Michele Lewis
Club President Andi Grantham held a club assembly with a full agenda of all things Valle Verde Rotary. A fun quiz of club history and facts kicked off the meeting. With many of the questions easily answered there were a few questions that stumped even the most knowledgeable. Can you recall the answer to “What year was Valle Verde Rotary chartered?”
From there Andi led the meeting to a discussion focusing on the plans for this year, membership goals, budget expenses and revenues, and an overview of the Foundation.
I. Membership:
In the spring of 2019 an anonymous member survey was conducted. Twenty-one members responded. Most member comments were positive and satisfied with the club. Positive comments identified the caring nature of club members, meaningful service projects, the opportunities to use one’s own talents and skills, and networking and connections made with others. Dissatisfaction expressed related to the costs of weekly meals and club dues as deemed too high. Another survey will be conducted this fall and once again in January 2020 with hopefully more member participation in the survey.
Current membership totals are: 47 members reflecting an increase of 4.44% from the previous year.
The Membership Team includes Charlotte Gates, Gary Friedman, Sandy Wahl and J.P. Pilger.
Membership goals were identified as:
• To create a club that reflects a diverse membership of age, cultural backgrounds and women
• To increase membership with five new members
• To engage current members
• To celebrate members accomplishments
• To build connections and friendships with one another and
prospective members
• To be more proactive in following up on membership leads
• To explore creative membership arrangements
• To welcome new members and guests
• To seek out members who are frequently absent from weekly meetings
Other ideas were discussed to provide more meaningful opportunities for current members involvement in club activities.
Club Image:
• To improve the contents of the web page and Facebook page
• To improve the weekly newsletter and Cactus Chronicles
• To utilize District 5500 Newsletter by sending notices of our club events and pictures of our club members in action
• To update club brochure and place packets in display areas throughout Green Valley, i.e. Chamber of Commerce
• To display club signage at events in which we participate
• To explore ways in which club members can promote Rotary, i.e. wearing Rotary clothing at public events
Andi asked the Club members to consider three questions:
1. What is Rotary Club: “We are a leadership organization of local business, professional and civic leaders. We meet regularly to get to know each other and form friendships. Through that we are able to GET THINGS DONE in our community.”
2. What is Rotary: What you see before joining and what you experience after joining.
3. Who is a Rotarian: A Rotarian is a person who…
• Digs wells from which he/she will never drink
• Vaccinates children he/she will never meet
• Restores eyesight for those he/she will never see
• Builds housing he/she/ will never live in
• Educates children he/she will never know
• Plants trees he/she will never sit under
• Makes crawlers into walkers halfway around the world
• Knows real happiness that “Can only be found by helping others”
II. Budget presentation by Charlotte Gates
Annual dues are $300
Proposed budget for 2019 – 2020 is:
Total Revenue $27,720
Total Expenses 29,191$
Net Income/Loss (1471)
III. Rotary Foundation presentation by Gary Friedman
Budget for 2019-2020 is:
Projected income $44,606
Projected Project Expenses 41,279
Net Gain/Loss 3,327