Rotary Club of Valle Verde-Green Valley, Arizona
December 10, 2020
“Chanukah is for Everyone”
Earlier this week I opened email from a rabbi who wrote, “Chanukah is for Everyone, not just Jews.” It was an
invitation to online Lighting of Menorah candles to celebrate Chanukah Shabbat Services tomorrow night and
Rotarians worldwide celebrate the eight-day Jewish Festival of Lights. Time for families to recall when Temple
sanctuary oil to provide light for only one night was said to have lasted for eight. Time to remember how God came,
through the Maccabees, to save people who were suffering and oppressed. Chanukah candles are Lights of Joy,
Freedom, Courage. Lights of Hope. Lights of Healing and Transformation.
For Rotarians who are Christian, now is the season of Advent. Time to light Advent candles and prepare for the
coming of Christmas with its message of Peace and Good Will. A Family Festival featuring Candles and Light to
celebrate that God is The Light of the World who Comes to Save. To Heal. To Transform. Advent and Christmas
bring the Light of Hope, Joy, Good Will. Light of Peace and Love.
This morning, let us ask God’s blessing. Let us bless God. And Let us bless one another:
Oh, God, we remember your saving actions of the past. Now, as a wretched pandemic rages throughout the
world, we wait and pray with Hope to be saved by your Coming. Festivals of Light teach us that Chanukah is
for Everyone, not just Jews. Advent and Christmas are for Everyone, not just Christians. May we proclaim
with the ancient prophet Isaiah, “The People who walked in Darkness have seen a Great Light!” “Our God
Comes to save us!”
Bless us that we may bring the Light of Rotary—Light of Truth and Fairness, Light of Good Will and Better
Friendships, Light of Beneficence. The Light of Peace. And Love. May we be People of Light.
Let all the people say, “Amen.”
(Kathleen M. Silvers, Rotary Club of Valle Verde-Green Valley)