The following is extracted from an email circulated by Tom Cooke:
Mary Fisher's email says the Interact Club can complete the tags for the Christmas tree on the 24th of November. Given that the Rotary meeting following that day would be the 27th--but which will not be held because that is Thanksgiving--the earliest we will be able to have the tags on the tree would be the December 4 meeting. That is going to be cutting it very close, as there will be only 3 meeting dates before Christmas, and realistically we will have to have the gifts ready to go by the 18th at the latest in order to have transportation time to get them down to Mexico before Christmas. Also, transportation is still an issue to be worked out. Last year Jerry Mendelson took them down for us, but I am not sure of his availability this year, so we might need to make alternative arrangements.
I will not be at the meeting this Thursday to talk about this program as I have to be in Tucson, so I would appreciate it if you (Larry)could cover this and explain the above by telling the membership we will need them to pick off a tag (or 2) as soon as they are available, and to shop right away and get their gifts ready to bring in by the 18th.
We still have the issue of the tags for the Indian children. I have not heard from Veronica as to her plans yet, but I am assuming she will have an equal number of tags. With 26 for the orphans and assuming 26 for the Indian children, we should have a tag for everyone who wishes to participate.
Thank you for your help with this. I hope to be back to attend the Thirsty Thursday Club anniversary session at the 19th Hole.
I am sending a copy of this note to Mary and Veronica to keep them in the loop, and to ask Veronica to move as quickly as possible with this so we can have the Indian children included in this program--as the Club very much wishes to do.