Opportunities for Rotary Family Health Days
As of today, Rotary Family Health Days in Africa has served 1.23 million patients since 2011 in Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa.  Our model for measuring sustainability is now used in all four countries and is endorsed by the CDC, the Coca Cola Africa Foundation, and TRF staff.
If you want to go as a Rotary volunteer in any of the four countries, paying ~$1500 airfare and ~$100 visa, we can have you picked up at the airport and home hosted in nice accommodations.  We are adding India in 2016.  Volunteers at RFHDs can--work registration, greet and guide patients, help elderly and disabled get priority treatment, sort and distribute prescribed medicines, interview patients and get informed consent forms for evaluation follow up.  White folks, of course, stand out and the patients are honored that you have come to assist.  There is nothing like having them come up and say:  Thank you for loving us!
Some tourism will no doubt be provided by your hosts at no cost.  Special wildlife reserves and spectacular parks can be arranged by Rotary-connected tour agents at very low-cost.  South Africa and Uganda have prime sites, but Ghana and Nigeria have some charming venues as well.  You will be safe and well-cared for.
All countries--in Africa and India--will hold RFHDs for three days in late October 2016.  Uganda will also do early April 2016, just prior to our Vocational Training Team on diagnostics for rural health providers.
Contact me at silverlode@cox.net or 399-3994 if you might be interested.