I reach out to all of our members regarding the current news about the continuing rise of Covid cases and projection of a greater number during the upcoming holidays.
If we want to continue to meet in person we must be even more diligent in our protocols at our regular meetings. We provide sanitizer, wipes and gloves available along with masks at our front table.
We need to ensure that all members wear their masks throughout the duration of the meetings. The only exception is during the time we have allotted for breakfast.
I was dismayed when I saw several of our members not wearing their masks during our meeting on Thursday. This is not acceptable. We do offer Zoom and Facebook Live if wearing a mask is an issue for a member.
Laura Romero, our speaker for St. Andrew’s clinic gave her presentation to us in person because she knew our protocol and felt safe to come out to meet with us. That was her first time out to present to a group. I am proud of what we have been doing and feel that our members are as safe as we can be as long as all of us follow the guidelines.
Our hybrid meetings are structured to meet the needs of all of our members by offering three methods to participate – in person - Facebook Live – and Zoom.
I do not wish to offend anyone but feel it is my responsibility as President to make sure our actions at our in person meetings are beneficial to all concerned.
Yours In Rotary,
Charlotte Gates
President, Valle Verde Rotary Club