This year, the Green Valley-Sahuarita Interact Club contestant won the Rotary District 5500 4 Way Test Speech Contest. The following is the winning speech by Elisa Magallanes:

The Impact of the Four Way Test on Social Media Use Today we will address the benefits and disadvantages of social media use and the impact of the four way test one this.Throughout the past decade social media has become an integral medium of communication. With the push of a button we can be connected to almost everything and everyone in the world. Social media sites are simply methods of communication, their impact results in how they are utilized. Social media sites can be used as tools of encouragement and kindness or as torches,igniting hate and fear. The impact of social media can and has resulted in suicide, eating disorders, hate speech,and violence; but when used correctly social networking sites can spread a universal spirit of kindness, greater equity and justice for all. If we were all to  apply the four way test to what we share, comment and post, social media could become a tool that would  spur altruism and inspire love to grow throughout our communities; if we become more mindful of what we spread on the internet, the negative aspects of social media will diminish. This change must begin with ourselves, before we post,text,tweet,or comment we must be sure that our actions are truthful, fair and beneficial to all who see them, and that what we share will result in goodwill and better friendship.  
Is it the truth? This question is imperative when sharing something on social media. False information can bring fatal results. Honesty in social media can be displayed through the acknowledgement of bias and opposing opinions as well as the  exhibition of imperfection--particularly  as it relates to physical appearance and beauty. When companies retouch or edit photos of models they portray unattainable standards of beauty, causing people to strive for elusive results. This especially harms adolescents, many american teenagers develop severe physical insecurities because models portray beauty standards that are not truthful reflections of their physical appearances. Lies can often infiltrate social media as a result of people utilizing their devices as shields, it is much easier to lie when behind a screen, the scrutiny is not as severe as it would be in real life. Often people create social media accounts that are not truthful to who they really are, whether that regards their physical appearance or their personality. This can bring about cataclysmic results, for example people will begin to live their lives through the facade of who they are on social media, delineating false perfection that is misleading to others. This untrue exhibition of perfection creates a sense that perfection is necessary for a satisfied life, which is not the truth--  because as humans we make mistakes, learn from them and improve. If honesty became a vital aspect of social media many of the devastating outcomes of social media use would cease.  
 Before sharing anything in the digital world we must examine the content and ask if it is fair and beneficial to all concerned. Neglect of care to this question has resulted in suicide caused by cyberbullying. According to the CyberBullyHotline, forty-two percent of American teenagers report being cyberbullied, twenty one percent ponder suicide and one in ten attempt it. The amount of pain inflicted on these people is horrific, they have been so terrorized that they have thought about and acted upon taking their own lives. These dreadful,unjust occurrences must stop,and they can-- if we examine the content of what we
share on social media and are assured that it is fair and beneficial to everyone who will see it these statics will not be the same. These fatal events will decline significantly, hate speech will be eliminated and in its place respect and kindness will flourish.
Social media is an incredible tool of communication, that connects the entire world. Using social media with the intent to spread goodwill can create friendships that will replace much of the present social violence. Instead of posting vile comments,photos,tweets and texts we can spread optimistic messages-- filling those around us with cheer. Social media can be an enabler of immense joy,if used with goodwill, we can impact others positively, for example the ice bucket challenge. This challenge was spread across social media in an attempt to spread awareness for a disease called ASL, you may know it as Lou Gehrig's disease; many celebrities would dump huge buckets of ice on themselves to raise awareness for this disease, and succeed.This is one of the many examples of social media’s positive impacts that can come from goodwill and produce better friendships.
If the the Four Way Test were applied to the use of social media the violence and negative outcomes that our society is currently experiencing would end, and in their place equity, universal kindness, awareness and love.