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The holiday season is right around the corner, so please circle Thursday, Dec. 5, for the Green Valley and Valle Verde Rotary Clubs’ annual holiday dinner dance. 🤶 ☃️ 🤶Libations ($)will be served at 5 p.m. in the El Dorado Room in the LaPerla building of LaPosada followed by dinner, music by Spur of the Moment and the famous LaPosada Chocolate Stone for dessert.

The cost is $30 per person with two menu choices:

Steak medallions with salad, rolls, chef’s veggies and whipped potatoes.

Cranberry turkey margarita with salad, rolls, chef’s veggies and whipped sweet potatoes.

There also will be holiday munchies on the tables.

Please select your menu choice when you make your reservation by the Nov. 26 deadline. Make checks out to the Rotary Club of Green Valley. 

Questions? Contact Jill Leach at 
714-478-9782. I won’t be back from California until the Dec. 3, but I’ll do my best to answer anything. 
Fun, Fun, Fun....we had a great time at our Halloween/Rotary party.  Great costumes, good food, candy, and Halloween bingo.  A costume parade was held.  Prizes were awarded for costumes and bingo, and the best part....we got out early.  Thanks, Kathleen for all your planning and hard work.
We had a good time.  Welcome back Sojourners.  Good food, drinks and the Silent Auction was a huge success.
 Connie Williams message this morning: 
     - - put down the remote,
     - - get out of the chair,
     - - go outside,
     - - maybe do a little hiking.
An appropriate message since people spend 93% of their time indoors.Connie identified 11 possible advantages for spending more time outside:
     1- improve short term memory
     2- improve mental health
     3-stress relief
     4-improved vision
     5-reduced  inflammation
     6-ability to concentrate better  
     7-clearer thinking
     8-fight cancer
     9-immune system boost
     10-enhanced mental energy
     11-reduced risk of early death.
 She also observed that hiking and other outdoor activities were particularly helpful for kids. Connie spent the rest of her presentation talking about all the efforts to improve hiking trails and hiking activities in the Santa Cruz Valley and efforts to maintain the river. Little wonder the stress on these activities since outdoor activities have a major economic impact on Arizona.
              Welcome Back Sojourners.
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Our non-pool pool party will be held at the Ramada on Sat. Nov. 2nd at 4:30. (Dinner at 5:00)  There will be a Silent Auction.  Sign-up to bring in items for auction and sign up if you are attending.  This will be an October-Fest dinner in November.  Menu includes:  Brats, Sweet Kraut, Cold German Potato Salad, Red Cabbage/Apple Slaw, Bavarian Green Beans, and German Chocolate Cake.
Rotary may mean different things in different places, but globally Rotary represents the battle to eradicate polio across the planet. For over 36 years, working with such organizations as WHO and UNICEF, Rotary is down to polio being a problem in just three countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. All of this was underscored by Kathleen Silver in her presentation in anticipation of World Polio Day on October 24.  Kathleen's presentation and the film that accompanied it highlighted what Rotary has done over the years - - 1 million members devoting time and money -- $2 billion contributed by Rotary members -- a continuing commitment to the battle.  There are a lot of things that can be done to mark World Polio Day. Get your friends involved. Spread the word about the battle. But, in the end, the most immediate effective thing one can do is make a financial contribution. Rotary is committed  to raising $50 million a year for polio eradication. That money will be matched by the Gates Foundation and other foundations to heighten the impact of individual contributions.
Please remember to bring in non-perishable food
and paper products for Fisher House.
It is Ice-Breaker time for Dan Cady, currently Commander of American Legion Post 131 here in Green Valley. In many ways it is an easy life to describe, however complex in its unfolding. Start with the personal. Married three times. 5 children, all "gainfully employed" to use my mother's expression.  In 1969 he joined the army. This was the start of a 36 year career that took him to places across the globe as diverse as Viet Nam and Saudi Arabia. He spent most of his army career in Army Intelligence, including Language School where he mastered the Viet Namese language.  From 1982 to 2005 he served as a Warrant Officer with the primary responsibility of teaching engineers about roads and bridges. Don't ask Don's opinion about Arizona's roads and bridges.