Zoom meeting - JP Pilger
Jun 04, 2020 7:00 AM
Rotary Fellowship - Cycling to Serve
Zoom meeting - Nicole Raymond
Jun 11, 2020
Getting to know you
Zoom - Robert Medina - Former Pres VV Interact
Jun 25, 2020
"Continuing the Journey" Graduate from Johns Hopkins
**No Meeting**
Nov 26, 2020 6:45 AM
Happy Thanksgiving
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Valle Verde Rotary Club

Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 6:45 AM
United Methodist Church of Green Valley
300 W Esperanza Blvd.
Green Valley, AZ 85614
United States of America
(517) 238-6221
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President Charlotte Gates opened the meeting with a reflection focusing upon the lessons we have learned throughout the corona virus pandemic.  Charlotte expressed gratitude for Rotary and the opportunity to commit to service beyond oneself.  Thirty-two participants joined the weekly meeting through ZOOM. 
 Announcements made:
Bill Grantham reminded everyone of his invitation to his home on Tuesday, June 2 at 9:00a.m.  Come in your work clothes to help Bill load the moving POD.
Roxana Rico announced the school year successfully closed with an eighth grade promotion ceremony – all through ZOOM.  Currently plans are underway for determining how and when the new school year will open. 
Phil Silvers attended a meeting of the Rotary Club of Lubecker Bucht in northern Germany on the Baltic Sea.  They are a club of 35 members, of which five are women.  Phil was asked to describe Valle Verde Club projects.  They were very impressed, particularly with our youth service, and extended their gratitude to our Club members for the inspiration we provide to them.   Phil previously worked with this Club which had shipped hundreds of hand-made baby blankets to a maternity hospital in Bethlehem. 
Jim Rusk reminded members that after the Board meeting on Monday June 1, the Foundation Board will meet. 
President Charlotte announced that the church will not be available for resumption of our meetings in July.   Potential new sites are under consideration.
The Rotary International theme for June is Rotary Fellowship.  Consistent with this theme, Valle Verde Club programs planned for the month will be an update on June 4 by Chuck Wunder on Covid 19.   On June 4 as well, JP Pilger will talk about Rotary cycling fellowship.  On June 11, Nicole Raymond will address the Club through our monthly series “Getting to Know You”. 
Weekly Program:
Member Mo Fry presentation was entitled “Remembering those who serve our Nation”.  Her presentation in its entirety follows. 
Memorial Day is an American holiday, observed on the last Monday of May, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military.  First known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official Federal holiday in 1971.  Many Americans observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries or memorials, holding family gatherings and participating in parades.  Unofficially, it marks the beginning of the summer season.
In recent months we’ve all come to appreciate and admire the sacrifices made by the new heroes among us.  Those who have joined in the battle against the corona virus, which has shattered and disrupted the lives of so many. They are our friends and neighbors working in our local communities.  They are doctors, nurses, scientists, grocery store workers, truck drivers, police, firefighters, EMTs, mail carriers, food bank workers, and care givers.  They are people and professionals that have stepped-up, sometimes working around the clock to try to keep our lives as normal as possible. 
What they have in common with the military warriors that we celebrate traditionally on Memorial Day is the courage and commitment they have displayed and their willingness to answer the national call regardless of their personal safety.  A clear addition to the definition of an American hero. 
As an individual, a citizen a community member, a member of an organization like Rotary, I ask that we honor not only the sacrifices of our Military, but also those new American heroes who have sacrificed so much to keep us safe and see us through this pandemic.
A brief video was shown and Mo concluded with a prayer. 
God of life, we give thanks for the love and bravery of all who answer, in many different ways, the call of our Nation in times of conflict and trouble.  We think of those that went, and never came home, and those who returned wounded in body or in spirit.  We think of all their commitment, their sense of duty, their willingness to risk all, and we honor them.  We also pause to celebrate and honor those from this Rotary community who have passed since last year.
                                                            Andi Grantham
                                                            Max Perry
                                                            Dick Roberts
ZOOM meetings are becoming easy-peasy.    It is great to see everyone up close and we have all learned the etiquette of virtual participation.  President Charlotte has done an outstanding job of planning the agenda and conducting the meetings.  We all miss Francis and Happy Dollars as it affords an opportunity to connect and learn more about each other. After listening to our rendition of Happy Birthday, it leads one to wonder if choir practice would be helpful.  Perhaps Eugene can give some instruction.    There were 36 participants at this week’s meeting. 
We welcomed to the meeting Ellie Patterson, District Governor, and Bruce Monroe of the Tubac Club.
Announcements made:
  • Charlotte reminded everyone of the District 5500 Rotary Virtual Convention to occur from June 20 through June 26.  There is no enrollment fee but you must register to participate.   Watch for more details. 
  • Save the date for the District 5500 luncheon to be held on Sunday June 28.        Diane Ventura-Goodyear will be recognized for her years of service.  You must register before June 21.            
  • District 5500 just released an email outlining their Covid 19 recommendations.  Some of the highlights of those recommendations are for clubs to continue to hold virtual meetings.  Once in-person meetings resume, clubs are encouraged to offer live streaming of the weekly meetings for those members that choose not to attend in person.  At this time in-person meetings will not be mandatory for club members.   Please read the email message for all of the details.
  • Valle Verde ZOOM meetings will continue until July 1.  Once meetings resume in person, certain protocols will be followed to insure the safety and well-being of those in attendance. 
  • Mary Fisher announced that Robert Medina, a Rotoract student, graduated from John Hopkins University.  With so many choices for this talented young man, Robert has yet to firm up his plans for post graduate studies.
  • Bill Grantham announced the Boy Scouts Troop 301 will assist him in placing the flags along Sahuarita Blvd on Memorial Day.  No additional help will be needed. 
  • Bill invited anyone interested to go to his home on June 2 at 9:00a.m. to assist him in loading the POD for his upcoming move.
Weekly Program:
 At the recent Board Retreat, Club members expressed interest in continuing our participation in a water project “Dig Deep” in the Navajo Nation.    Through partnerships with Rotary International, $75,000 was awarded for the installation of 18 cisterns capable of holding 1200 gallons of water.  Ellie Patterson reported that District 5500 funded $5000 to the “Dig Deep” project.
 Two videos were shown that underscores the hardships endured by the people of the Navajo Nation.  More than 40% have no access to running water and sanitation, creating dire health and living conditions.   Water is carried in by the residents in jugs.  The cost to an individual to install piped in water is prohibitive at $12000 and with an expected 15 year wait.  
The lack of electricity on the Navajo Nation was the subject of another video.  We learned of Rotary Clubs that support installation of solar lighting in homes – the first lighting available to residents.   To date 152 homes have been the beneficiary of this project.  Twenty-two additional homes are slated for solar lighting installation.
How is it possible in our country that lives are lived and lost in deprivation that is unimaginable?
Join us tomorrow! Our weekly Zoom on-line meeting starts with social time at 6:45 and the meeting gets underway at 7. We'll hear from GV Fire Chief Chuck Wunder, see some videos about the water crisis affecting the Navajo nation, and discuss future club projects. Members, watch your e-mail for the link.
With 31 Rotary club members participating through Zoom for the weekly meeting, President Charlotte paid special recognition to six graduating high school students who are Rotary Interactor members.  Jack Vance, one of the six students participated virtually in the meeting.  The high school graduating members and their contact email addresses are:
   Marianna Laredo mariannalaredo03@gmail.com 
   Morgan Boone, pumpkinswag817@gmail.com
   Grace Adams, graceadams025@gmail.com
   Fawaz Ghannom, fawazghannom123@gmail.com
   Samantha Witterstauter, samanthawitter1@gmail.com
   Jack Vance, jackflash144@gmail.com
President Charlotte expressed gratitude and appreciation for their contributions.  Club members were encouraged to send congratulatory messages to the individual students. 
Announcements made:
  •  The 2020 Rotary Convention and luncheon are scheduled to occur virtually on June 20 through June 26.  More details will follow. 
  • Rotarians were alerted and warned by District 5500 about phishing scams directed specifically to Rotarians.   
  • Rotary International Board of Directors has announced that all their meetings will be conducted virtually for the remainder of the calendar year. District Governors are also urged to virtually conduct all club visits.
  • RI has an alliance with Toastmasters.  Rotarians are encouraged to enroll in on-line Toastmaster courses that are designed to foster growth in networking and improve communication skills both written and orally.  A Toastmasters video was shown.
  • Steve Sibulsky announced an opportunity to purchase a license plate with the Rotary name and logo imprinted on it.  The purchase price is $9.00.  Let Steve know if you want to purchase a plate and he will complete the order for our club. 
  • Bill Grantham announced that he has contacted the Boy Scouts for their help in placing flags along Sahuarita Blvd on May 26.   He is waiting for their response.    At this time club members help is not needed.  
  • Chuck Wunder provided an up-date on Covid 19 in Green Valley.  GVFD encounters with Covid 19 patients have been reduced from 8/9 per day to 2/ 3 per day.  Voluntary antibody testing was taken by some of his workforce and all test results were negative.  Chuck also reported snakes are active and so far 25 snakes have been picked up by GVFD.
Weekly Program:
Gary Friedman and Mark Horton provided an in-depth overview of the Microcredit Program in Sonora Mexico.  The Valle Verde club along with eight other Arizona clubs are engaged in active financial support through a global grant of the Microcredit Program. The Valle Verde Rotary Club first became involved in 2012 and budgets $2000 annually toward the program. 
The Microcredit program offers small loans to impoverished borrowers who possess a desire to grow their business.  The goal is to support borrowers in their desire to be financially self-sufficient and ultimately to alleviate poverty.   The typical loan is $200 to $300 to each borrower.   Borrowers are interviewed for selection of a loan and grouped with other borrowers to ensure support from others.    FinReg, the financial management arm of the program, trains the borrower and provides oversight.  FinReg provides monthly detailed financial reports to RI.   The loan payoff rate exceeds 90% in Nogales and 94% in Hermosillo.
More than 80% of borrowers are woman, married and with three children.   Most spouses work full-time outside of the home and typically earn less than $15 a day.  Financial independence can make the difference whether children can go to school, the quality of their living conditions and whether families can remain intact.
 In January a group of Rotarians including Gary and Mark visited borrowers and the Fin Reg lending company to witness first-hand the borrowers engaged in making or selling their products.
Gary concluded his presentation by describing the Microcredit program as the most effective one-on-one anti-poverty intervention program developed to date. The recipients’ entrepreneurial spirit coupled with hard work and financial support were all ingredients that form the foundation of this very successful program.  
Another Interact Graduate!
Morgan Boone says..."Next year I hope to be in Thailand as an RYE but I want to take psychology classes at Pima Community College and take unusual classes like a culinary course."
Grace Adams says "I will be attending the University of Arizona in the fall, studying Environmental Science with aims of someday becoming an environmental lawyer or policy maker! 
I plan to join the Pride of Arizona marching band as well, playing trumpet." 
Valle Verde Rotary meeting notes – May 7, 2020
Mike Duiven’s birthday is May 10.  Happy birthday a Mike.
District 5500 will hold a virtual District Conference June 20 to 26 allowing all to attend from home.
Project Volunteer Surge is underway looking for Rotarians to undergo trainIng to assist the medical community in the effort to eradicate the Covid-19 virus.  Mary Fisher has completed the training.
Early signup to ride in El Tour de Tucson is underway.  Early registration fee is $130.  JP noted it is actually $145 as a Rotary member.  One of the privileges of being a Rotarian apparently.
There is a District 550 luncheon scheduled for June 28.
Members who have not yet made an EREY donation to the annual fund are encouraged to do so before the end of the Rotary year.  $100 donors are designated as Sustaining Members.
Jim Rusk announced plans are being made to assemble all the Jazz in the Desert bands at one September meeting to present each band with a check to thank them for participating in a worthy cause.  Bands will receive $1,500 for each performance in which they played.
Carol Pfister announced her plans to return to Wisconsin later in May.  She wishes to find someone to travel with her to her Wisconsin home as her travel partner is unable to make the trip.  Carol will pay all travel expenses including a return trip airplane ticket for anyone who travels with her.  If interested, contact Carol.
Happy Mother’s Day.  Remember Carol is available to provide flowers for the occasion, but time is short.
Interactors, Ayah and Mariana, took part in the meeting and provided a few comments on the value of their RYLA experiences.
JP mentioned there are members who have not yet registered for My Rotary.  JP can help.
Roxanna Rico and Mark Horton are our club representatives to grant seminar classes.  They are in the process of preparing for the seminar.
Phil Silvers announced the approval by District 5500 of the Palestinian Covid-19 project.  Also the Uganda health program will be part of the virtual International Convention.
May 14 meeting will feature Gary Friedman presenting the Sonora Microcredit program, and Chuck Wunder will continue his weekly update of the virus situation in our community.
Charlotte presented a video highlighting all the year’s Interatogenic Club activities.
Chuck Wunder provided an interesting summary on Covid-19 and other Fire Department activity during the past week:
The number of new cases is leveling off.  There is not a large growth in numbers.
His department is struggling with community reaction.  There are many conflicting opinions about the virus within the community.  His men are met with criticism both for wearing masks when responding to a possible virus situation and for not wearing a mask when called to remove a snake.  There is increasing opposition to wearing masks and distancing as time goes on.
PPE is in good shape with mask donations from the community and a new shipment arriving from the county.
There are no known cases of infection among the fire fighters.  They will begin testing them for antibodies this coming week to see if any have developed an immunity.  Chuck has been tested, but his results are being delayed awaiting approval by Governor Ducey to release them.  He doesn’t know the reason for the delay and is eager to find out.
The next challenge is to see what effect opening up more businesses will have on the number of new cases.
He is also looking at when to reopen other department services such as the Fire Corps.
He warned to be aware of snakes.  The Fire Department removed 80 snakes in the past 4 days.
With the recent days of high temperatures brush fires are popping up.
Valle Verde Rotary congratulates Samantha! Walden Grove High School Senior and Valle Verde Rotary Interact President Samantha Witterstauter shows off her cap, gown and Interact sash. She's been involved in Interact for 5 years. Sam plans to study at Pima Community College for cyber security and later transfer to the U of A.
Two more Valle Verde Interact club members are graduating!
Jack Vance was a RYLA delegate two years ago, a Junior Councilor this year. Two years ago he was the Interact Club treasurer, this year: VP. He has been a club member at least three years.
Fawaz Ghannam plans to study Engineering at the U of A Honors College next year.
April 30th Club Notes
                Thirty eight participants took part in Thursday’s meeting.  We were honored with international guests, Malte Wiedeman and Paulo de Olivera, former Rotary exchange students.  Malte is currently working in a factory doing machine repair after returning home to finish his final year of school.  He is considering returning to school—possibly a technical school.  With quarantine in place, masks are required in stores and public transportation.  Paulo graduated in 2016 and is currently in college majoring in film making with two years of school left.
It was Steve Sibulsky’s birthday April 30.
Virginia Juettner sent two masks to Charlotte which were made from unused Rotary International Convention shirts.  Charlotte is awarding the masks to last week’s speaker, Jim Rusk, and to Chuck Wunder for his weekly Covid-19 updates.  Chuck was unable to participate at this meeting due to a conflict.
Rotary is raising funds for Covid-19 assistance with a May 2 telethon starting at 8:00 AM.
Mary Fisher did the online Rotary Surge training and found it easy to do.  She foresees Corona virus contact tracers as a possible way trainees may use their new skills.  JP mentioned he completed online membership training.
Charlotte went over the club survey results.   She received twenty-nine survey responses.  There were many responses of why we invite people to come to our club meetings.  Fellowship and learning about Rotary were frequently mentioned.  62% of club members said they follow our club through Facebook or the club website.  93% said they believe they are aware of community needs.  65% prefer involvement  in  local projects.  76% believe their opinion counts in club decisions.  96% feel informed about club business.  97% read the club newsletter.  100% are satisfied with Jazz in the Desert.  76% said keep the weekly raffle ticket program the same.  66% would like to have more fun meetings or events.  69% agreed with donating Jim Click funds raised to St Andrews this coming year.  There were many comments on improving meetings.
May is Youth Services Month.  Bill Grantham is attempting to organize a May 7 program involving Interact and RYLA participants.  Not easy to track them down with no school in session.  On May 14 Gary will present a Microcredit Sonora program. 
Club Assembly Reports:
Steve reported 1/3 of members don’t open Club Runner emails.
Kathleen has set a goal to align speakers with the Rotary theme, Rotary Connects the World.  Another goal is to involve Interact and RYLA students with ZOOM meetings.  Mary Fisher will be our program chair next year.
Bill Grantham reported for Community Service.  Arivaca Center still has $1,300 left to. Spend from the grant they received.  Our club Peace Pole has been shipped.  Some time in July or August there are plans to have a dedication ceremony at Desert Meadows Park.  The pole has messages in eight languages representing all the continents where Rotary exists.
Jim Rusk reported the Valle Verde Foundation’s Income/Expense Report shows income of $37,038 and expenses for 15 projects totaling $30,775 and a balance of $6,263.  $16,500 to be paid to the Jazz in the Desert  bands has not yet been paid, but is included in the expenses.  The Vanguard account is currently $227,000.  With the ever changing stock market, it has been as high as $250,000 and lower than its present value.
Bill Grantham for Youth Service indicated recruiting new Interact students is a challenge due to the current environment.
JP reported a bequest to the Rotary Foundation in excess of $20,000 from Dick Roberts.
Mark Horton indicated some members have not yet made their EREY contribution.  Checks may be mailed to P.O. Box 311, Green Valley, AZ 85622.  JP indicated he is sending out a letter to members and indicated the letter will provide his mailing address so members may mail their EREY contribution directly to him.  Clubs whose members contribute $100 per member earn the Sustaining Member Club designation.
Michele Lewis reporting for Club Services mentioned the addition of Dean as a third reporter of weekly meetings.  Steve and Michele designed a new book mark as part of the Birthday Books program she has accepted.  She wants the books to reflect value to the kids.  Club social events have been halted.  She is hopeful of being able to plan a Memorial Day event.
Our ZOOM gathering attracted at least 40 participants which included former exchange student and Interact President, Elizabeth Libiete, from Latvia, and Bob and Virginia Juettner from Hawaii.  It was so nice to reconnect with them and we thank them for taking part with the inconvenience of different time zones.  And, of course, we welcomed Olivia also.
Marvin  showed us his birthday cake with its 88 candles which were responsible for setting off his smoke alarm when lit.  Happy Birthday Marvin.  John Cousins birthday is 04/27 Monday.  Fewer candles for John.
Eight clubs in District 5500 submitted photos of projects assisting in the Covid-19 response.  Our board as requested an additional $500 grant for the food bank.
John Yeager presented a $750 donation to the Valle Verde Foundation on behalf of the Sojourners.  Charlotte thanked the Sojourners with a video presentation featuring each of the Sojourners.  
Phil Silvers announced a district project to raise $10,000 for disaster relief for Palestinians who are not covered by health insurance.  With a matching grant the $10,000 will become $20,000 of  the total goal of raising $120,000.  Members who wish to donate to this cause through the Rotary Foundation should advise Phil what amount they wish to go to this project.
Chief Wunder provided another update to the Covid-19 situation in Green Valley.  Some models say we have reached a peak, but Governor Ducey thinks we are not ready to open up yet until sometime in May.  One health worker at LaPosada tested positive and is under quarantine.  None of the Fire Department employees have reported being sick.  Serology testing to identify antibodies and antigens will begin next week.  PPE is improving.  The department has enough cloth masks.  Chuck has been advised to be prepared for another repeat of the virus this fall.   Charlotte showed a photo of the department crew who were called to her home to assist her husband and expressed her thanks to them for their help.  
Jim Rusk provided a very interesting presentation entitled My Three Lives—Growing Up,Education, and Army—Small Business Owner—R & R.
The short version follows:  Jim was born in 1939 in New York and his family moved to Ohio and Michigan.  As a Boy Scout he attended a World Jamboree in California which opened up a whole new world for him.  Jim followed brother Ed to the Columbia Military Academy in Tennessee and graduated in 1956.  Jim began college at Purdue studying engineering before transferring to Kent State where he majored in accounting and ROTC.  Jim proposed to Kathie on graduation day.  They were married in April 1962.  
Six months after graduation Jim went on active duty where he completed Ranger school and Airborne school before traveling the world to foreign destinations in Germany, Vietnam, Ethiopia, And Greece.  He was also stationed at Ft Benning, Ft Devens, Ft Harrison, Ft Lewis, and Ft Harrison in the USA.  Jim was promoted to Major before going to Vietnam and retired from the military in 1983 with the rank of Lt Colonel.  One of the interesting experiences he had was meeting the Iran hostages when he was assigned to make additional payments to them for their time in captivity.
A year before retiring Jim and Kathie bought Northern Lights  Resort in Ely, Minnesota where they had vacationed.  They operated the resort until 2000.  For one year Jim was the editor of the local Ely newspaper.  It was then he joined Rotary where the annual fundraiser was a radio auction.  
After selling the resort, they moved to Indianapolis and began spending winters in Florida.  They visited an Ely friend in Green Valley and decided they liked Arizona more than Florida.  Jim joined Valle Verde in 2005 and has enjoyed his roles with the Arrivaca Learning Center projects, Jazz in the Desert, and Fisher House.
Jim and Kathie have two sons, Michael and Jim.  Mike has two adopted daughters.  Jim’s son, Colton, is now serving on a submarine.
Valle Verde Rotary will again meet via Zoom this Thursday morning at 7. Watch your e-mail for the meeting link. In honor of “Maternal and Child Health” as our Rotary International theme for April, , “Rotary Supports Mothers and Babies” will be shown during our ZOOM meeting this Thursday morning.
We had so much fun last week, we're doing it again!
Watch your e-mail for the link to our weekly ZOOM on-line meeting!
Valle Verde Rotary has suspended in-person meetings until AT LEAST Thursday, May 7.
However, we will hold a VIRTUAL MEETING using the ZOOM Cloud Meeting service this Thursday morning, April 2, at 7:00 AM.
Valle Verde Rotary members should have received an e-mail from Club President Charlotte Gates that included instructions and the unique Meeting ID
If you did not receive that e-mail, please send an e-mail to steve@sibulsky.com and we’ll send you the information!
President Charlotte presents American Legion Post 131 Commander Dan Cady with some thank-yous after his very informative presentation to our club this morning.
Great day & evening at Jazz in the Desert XI. For two shows, about 600 attendees! Great music and fundraising. Thanks to all who participated...the bands, the sponsors and all the Valle Verde Rotarians worked so hard!
Dan Cady, Commander of American Legion Madera Post 131 here in Green Valley, spoke to us about the purpose of the Legion. Individuals currently serving or who have served (honorably discharged) as an active duty member in the United States Armed Forces since December 7, 1941, are eligible for membership in The American Legion! The Legion is a family of four active groups: Veterans, American Legion Auxiliary, Sons of the American Legion, and American Legion Riders. The American Legion is the nation's largest wartime veterans service organization committed to the following pillars: (1) mentoring youth and sponsorship of wholesome programs in the community, (2) advocating patriotism and honor, (3) promoting strong national security, and (4) continued devotion to our fellow service members and veterans. The activities undertaken in support of these four pillars were discussed in detail. The activities include: college scholarships, sports programs, suicide prevention, assistance in navigation of government bureaucracy, Fisher House, etc. The American Legion is always looking for new members to assist the execution of their programs.
One of three areas of focus of Rotary International and the Rotary Foundation is Peace Building and Conflict Prevention. This week’s speaker, Jerry Leggett, has as his life’s mission Peace Literacy and the Peace Literacy Foundation. Very few if any of our members in attendance had heard of Peace Literacy. Peace Literacy is the next step in the development of our global civilization, because peace literacy is necessary in an interconnected world where the fate of every nation is tied to the fate of our planet. Peace Literacy is now taught to students and educators alike, in the U.S. and internationally. It’s built on the core premise that peace, like math and reading, requires a skill set that needs to be taught in schools. Peace literacy teaches the skills and knowledge needed to live peacefully in the 21st century. Rotary’s involvement in peace can be witnessed in the Rotary Peace Fellows Program, the Rotarian Action Group for Peace, and many other initiatives too numerous to mention. It could be said that all Rotary’s programs at home and around the world are focused on Peace Building and Conflict Prevention!
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