SPECIAL NOTE FOR YOUR CALENDAR. Our club meeting on February 8, will be held at Quail Creek Club House. So mark your calendar to meet us at Quail Creek on Thursday February 8, 2018.
Our program this week was present by fellow Rotary member and GVFD Chief Chuck Wunder. Rather than give us a presentation on the inner workings of a fire department Chuck gave us a through explanation of the reality that during the last 60 years the cultural divide that exists between the multiple birth groups is real and as a Rotary organization and a business organization we are far better off recognizing the needs and wants of these different age groups.
Here is one chart to use as a basic age reference.
                                                                                                                              Ages of the 
                                                                                                                            Youngest  Oldest
The Greatest Generation1910192494108
The Silent Generation192519457393
Baby Boomer Generation194619645472
Generation X (Baby Bust)196519793953
Xennials - 197519853343
Generation Y - 
The Millennials - 
Gen Next
iGen / Gen Z
The Chief's presentation centered around the Boomers through the Millennials.
Several key communication and expectation differences exist across the groups. 
Inline image 1
Inline image 2
Now imagine the Chief of our fire department and the crazy array communication techniques, basic life experience skills (IE: What is a carburetor?) and the individuals sense of right and wrong. These are all major demographic hurtles that must be crossed all day long. Bring this back to Rotary, we need to be understanding the very same array of characteristics when we asses how and who to invite into our organization.  This is not simple but knowledge is power, lets use the knowledge.
Remember we are all pulling for you and keep your stick on the ice.
Yours in Rotary, Dave.
Club Notes, Jan 25, 2018 David Kinsey 2018-01-30 07:00:00Z 0
“Jazz music is America's past and its potential, summed up and sanctified and accessible to anybody who learns to listen to, feel, and understand it.  The music can connect us to our earlier selves and to our better selves-to-come.  It can remind us of where we fit on the time line of human achievement, and ultimate value of art.”  Wynton Marsalis.
On Saturday, March 3rd, the Valle Verde Rotary Club in Partnership with the Green Valley Pecan Company will once again present an evening of great music performed by some of the finest school jazz ensembles along the I-19 corridor when it presents “Kansas City Jazz” – Jazz in Desert IX at the Quail Creek Ballroom.  In addition to the evening performance, which includes dinner, there will be a  Matinee featuring more great music AND popcorn!
A major fundraiser for the Club, Jazz in the Desert has, over the past eight years, raised over $75,000 to support the music programs at the participating schools.  This year's line-up includes ensembles from Great Expectations Academy, Walden Grove, Sahuarita, Rio Rico and Nogales High Schools.
Said Club President Virginia Juttner, “There are concerts, there are dinners and there are fundraisers; but Jazz in the Desert is a truly unique experience. Watching these young adults perform at the level they do will in short, Blow you Away!  They are talented, dedicated and hard-working – it's easy to believe some of them will continue performing and/or teaching for the rest of their lives.”
Tickets can be purchased at the Green Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Quail Creek concierge desk.  The Matinee ($10) starts at 1 pm.  The dinner performance ($40) begins at 5.  For more information call Committee Chair, Jim Rusk at 520-625-0860.
Remember that “Experience has shown that music provides a boost in the quality of life and Jazz in the Desert gives us a glimpse at our next generation.”
Jazz in the Desert IX“The Musical Magic Returns!” 2018-01-23 07:00:00Z 0
Aloha and Happy New Years. The Juettner's have returned from their Griswold Hawaiian vacation and are getting back to work. First, there was a Board of Directors meeting last Monday. The major actions included accepting Alex Droban's resignation. No reason was given in his letter. The Board approved a $250 donation to the medical clinic in Carborca, Sn that is hosting the polio immunization day and a presentation to the membership on the Fisher House, at this Assembly meeting. (Last month the Board approved a $5,000 contribution to the Valle Verde Rotary Club Foundation from surplus finds in the club's checking account. See me if you have any questions.)
Jim Rusk and the Fundraising Committee are closing in on the big event. All members and sojourners are invited to attend the meeting at Quail Creek on Wednesday afternoons. I am sure Jim will have a report on this at the Assembly as well.
Club membership is a growing concern. We understand that a new member is in the wings but we need to recruite continuously. When I was younger and immortal, I wondered whey RI stressed the need to recruit and grow the Rotary Clubs. Now I understand.
WHO WANTS A MEMBERSHIP LIST? See me and I will get you and updated list of names, phone numbers and emails. Addresses will be an option.
Club News, Jan 18, 2018 Bob Juettner 2018-01-17 07:00:00Z 0
We are celebrating our anniversary by holding a rare evening dinner meeting in the Silver Room of the Quail Creek Club House. We will start with a social hour beginning at 5 pm with music being performed by the Nogales Mariachi Apache Band with dinner service beginning around  6 pm with a Mexican Fiesta. Our special guests are Dr. Peter & Phyllis Eichman with the program beginning around 6:45 with Peter reviewing the history of Valle Verde Rotary from his unique and I expect witty prospective.
Just to reiterate, there will be no morning meeting at the church this week.
Lots going on over the next few days:
  1. Rotarian and USMC veteran Patrick Shely will be presenting our wreath at the Veterans Day memorial at the Green Valley Cemetry on the morning of Nov. 10th which is also the 242nd Anniversary of the Marine Corps which actually predates the founding of the Navy by a few day.
  2. The I 19 Corridor Mixer will be held the same day at the Silos at the Tubac Resort at 5pm. Come down and met fellow Rotarians from d4 different CLUBS.
  3. Saturday, Nov. 11 is the Pecan Festival in Sahuarita. Other than a parking fee, everything is free I believe. As I have worked at the parking concession for so many years, I am not sure the previous statement is correct. If you volunteered to assist with parking, Rotarian Bill Grantham is back and he will be getting in touch with you and your time slots. 
Finally, we will return to our regular meeting place on Nov. 16th with or Speaker being Rotarian Phil Slivers reporting on the recent activities in Uganda.
Club News, Nov 09, 2017 2017-11-07 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Virginia Juettner


Valle Verde Rotary is affiliated with Rotary International. Rotary is dedicated to six areas of focus to build international relationships, improve lives, and create a better world to support our peace efforts and end polio forever.

Promoting peace

Fighting disease

Providing clean water,   sanitation, and hygiene

Saving mothers and children

Supporting Education

Grow local economies


Valle Verde Rotary Club meets every Thursday, 6:40 am at the United Methodist Church

of Green Valley, 300 W Esperanza Blvd. If you are interested in learning about Rotary membership,

please join us any Thursday morning.

Valle Verde members hold Rotary Core Values of fellowship, service and diversity by:
  • developing acquaintance as an opportunity for service,
  • advancing international understanding, good will and peace,
  • applying the ideal of service in our personal, business and community life, and,
  • maintaining high ethical standards in business and professions and recognize the worthiness of all occupations as opportunities to serve society.
Continental Literacy Project – This project creates classroom libraries for eight teachers through partnership with the Green Valley Rotary Club and Continental School Educational Foundation including matching funds from Rotary District 5500. Rotarians will work with teachers on literacy activities during the year.
Continental Birthday Books – Students receive a book during their birthday month. Rotary volunteers help PreK-8th grade students find a book and place a name plate in the book.
Dress for Success – Rotarians shop at Walmart with up to 20 students spending approximately $100 per student for school clothes. The club then hosts lunch for the students at Triple Play.
Rotary Scholarship Program – Funding for 3 students from local high schools or home-schooled students for post-secondary education including vocational training programs.
Jazz Music Programs – Local school jazz bands who participate in Jazz in the Desert receive a check for their participation to support the music programs. Since the beginning, Valle Verde Rotary has donated over $60,000 to school music programs.
Rotary Youth Exchange – Valle Verde Rotary hosts a student from another country for a year. The club supports the student with a monthly allowance and sometimes other costs as needed. The 2017-2018 student is from Germany. He will live with 3 families over the year as part of the exchange experience
RYLA, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards – Six students are funded to attend the RYLA weekend event
Community Food Bank – The annual Food Fight Against Hunger is a competition among the regular club members, the sojourners and the Green Valley Club members.
Project C.U.R.E. – Valle Verde assists Project C.U.R.E. through funding and volunteer work to collect unused hospital supplies and equipment to send to hospitals and clinics in other countries including our contacts in Mexico and Uganda.
Rotaplast – Valle Verde Rotary contributes to this program which provides cleft lip/palate and burn victim surgery for children in third world countries by sending a team of doctors, nurses and Rotary volunteers to designated countries for two weeks.
Madre Conchita de Hogar Orphanage, Nogales, Mexico – An annual donation is made to the orphanage. Club members purchase Christmas gifts, clothes and art supplies, which are delivered in December.
St Andrew’s Children’s Clinic – Donated funds for cleft lip and palate surgery are used during one of the monthly Thursday clinics in Nogales.
Micro-credit – The Club participates in a joint international project to fund small business loans to people in Mexico building their businesses and financial independence. Participants may borrow up to $2,000 upon payment of previous loans.



We are Valle Verde Rotary Virginia Juettner 2017-08-30 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bob Juettner
This week's speaker is Jospeh Ursig, the new CEO of the Green Valley-Shaurita Chamber of Commerce. If you have questions concerning the direction and activities of the Chamber, this is a good time to get them answered.
I visited with Chad Denson last week and got the Arivaca report. The road is open but in bad shape with a lot of sand and floatsam on the road.  Cyclist, bikers and the Border Patrol make driving the road a challenge this year. The Learning Center is getting ready to open for another year. Natalie is back and making plans. I got a some what discouraging report on our drainage report. It sounded as someone who volunteered to work on the drainage project may have forgotten his commitment. Re Chad, he sold his business and went to work for the company that bought his out. He is no looking for a place in Tucson.

Do not forget that Maulty,  our new exchange student, will arrive this Sunday around 8:30 pm Delta willing. His connections are much better than Nika's as his layover in Atlanta is almost reasonable.
Club News, Jul 27, 2017 Bob Juettner 2017-07-26 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Gary Friedman
Our Annual Fund per capita was $562.81
Our average TRF per capita was $642.65
We came in second in Annual Fund giving to Marana Dove Mountain who gave $714.88 per capita.
From what I heard and who knows if it true or not, it's because Joe purchased lots of items to give away and brought the per capita up. They have only 25 members in that club.
Coming in second in the District is something to be proud of.
Our club giving to the Annual Fund: $30,954.50; Tucson: $31,547.00
Our club total giving: $35,34;.50; Tucson: $50,431.77
We are Number #2! Gary Friedman 2017-07-26 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Virginia Juettner

Community Food Bank – The annual Food Fight Against Hunger is a competition among the regular club members, the sojourners and the Green Valley Club members. While this raises several thousand dollars for the area food banks, it is done with individual member donations and does not impact the budget. Foundation Cost: 0

Continental Birthday Books – Books for the monthly birthday book distribution will continue with a monthly schedule for volunteers to distribute books. Foundation Cost: $700

Dress for Success – Shop at Walmart with up to 20 students who attend Sopori Elementary School spending approximately $100 per student for school clothes. Host lunch for the students at Triple Play. Foundation Cost: $2,000-$2,500

Rotary Service Project Day – Club Volunteers provide yard and other work to a local home owner or organization in need. It has been suggested that we might adopt a section of highway this year and schedule both fall and spring days. Club Cost: 0

Interact Club – Volunteers work with the Interact Club including some fundraisers. Club cost has been limited depending on their projects and needs. Club Cost: $600

International Health Project in Uganda – Volunteers travel to Uganda to work with Rotarians in Uganda conducting health clinics focusing on women’s health including pre-natal care. The program has a literacy component. There are now two aspects: Rotary Family Health Days and TRF Global Grant, Empowering Women in Rural Villages. Individuals may donate to this project through the Annual Fund donations. Foundation Cost: 0

Jazz Music Programs – Local school jazz bands who participate in Jazz in the Desert receive a check for their participation to support the music programs. The amount has gone up each year. It is recommended that we cap the amount for the bands at the amount paid in the previous year, $2,800 each Foundation Cost: $14,000

Madre Conchita de Hogar Orphanage, Nogales, Mexico – Club members purchase Christmas gifts, clothes mainly, by selecting children from the Angel Tree put up in November. Club members may also purchase if they wish art or other supplies for the school. The gifts are delivered by club members and we are usually invited to their seasonal program in Nogales. Foundation Cost: $2,000

Micro-credit – Participate in a joint international project to fund small business loans to people in Mexico building their businesses and financial independence. Participants may borrow up to $2,000 in small increments starting with small amounts, i.e., $200, and working up to larger amounts after paying back their current loan. Foundation Cost: $2,000

Rotary Scholarship Program – Funding for 2-3 students from local high schools or home schooled students for post-secondary education including vocational training programs, $2,000 per student to be paid directly to the institution of the student’s choice. It is recommended that this year’s committee consider adding funding for a pre-school scholarship. Foundation Cost: $4,000-$6,000

Rotary Youth Exchange – We have made application for an exchange student for 2016-2017. Arrangements are being coordinated. The club supports the student with a monthly allowance and sometimes other costs as needed. We are looking for home hosts for the coming year. Club Cost: $2,100

Rotaplast – Clubs contribute to this program which provides cleft lip and palate surgery for children in third world countries by sending a team of doctors, nurses and Rotary volunteers to designated countries for two weeks. Foundation Cost: $2,000

RYLA, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards – Send up to 6 students to the RYLA weekend event in Flagstaff. Sometimes, we send an adult advisor. Foundation Cost: $2800

St Andrew’s Children’s Clinic – Donate funds for clef lip and palate surgery for during one of the monthly Thursday clinics. Collect medical supplies being donated by hospitals or other clinics for St. Andrew’s clinic program in Mexico. Foundation Cost: $2,000

President’s Projects:

Hospital Supply Project – Develop a relationship with hospitals in Tucson and continue to work with the Green Valley Hospital to collect hospital supplies that will be discarded even though they have not be used to distribute to other countries in need including our contacts in Mexico and Uganda. We are exploring the possibility of working with Project C.U.R.E., located in Phoenix. They have already established a large network for getting hospital supplies to countries and have a system in place. Cost: 0 (current recommendation)

Continental Literacy Project – This project puts trade books in classrooms to create classroom libraries in the K-3 program by leveraging funds from Green Valley Rotary ($1,000) and funds from the Continental Foundation ($1,000) and other grant sources to match District 5500 funds ($4,000). It also creates activities to use for literacy enrichment in these classrooms by planning with the staff for events that could include parent nights, parent workshops and other activities to increase the opportunity for all students to become lifetime readers. On the club side, donations and discounts for books will be sought. Foundation Cost: $2,000

Sahuarita Food Bank Storytime Project – The Sahuarita Food Bank collects books and organizes volunteers to read to children when their parents come to the food bank to shop. After storytime is over, the children are given a book to take home. This program fosters literacy and increased success in school. Rotarians may volunteer time at the food bank, donate books or volunteer do to other things for this project. Foundation Cost: 0 (current recommendation)

While the Valle Verde Foundation is listed as a funding source, these recommendations must go to the Valle Verde Foundation at one of their monthly meetings for approval.
Valle Verde Rotary 2017-2018Club Service Projects and Projected Costs Virginia Juettner 2017-06-09 07:00:00Z 0
Posted on Mar 14, 2017
This is the sweet time of the year in Arizona--cool enough not to need air conditioning during the day and warm enough at night that you do not need heat. And yet, we are having our Sojourners Party this Saturday. I have a hard time believing that you are getting ready to leave. You really should stick around through April. However, before you leave do not forget this year's food fight.
This goes for all of our Rotarians. The real winners are those people in need who depend upon the food banks to make ends meet.
If you are wondering how we did at Jazz in the Desert, I will let Jim Rusk talk for himself:
Valle Verde Rotary Foundation
Regular Monthly Board Meeting
February 9, 2017
The regular monthly board meeting of the Valle Verde Rotary Foundation was called to order at 8:15 am, February 9th.
Members present:  Bill G, Gary F, Ron D, Tom C, Virginia J and Jim R. Others present: Bob J and Alex D.
Due to the absence of the board secretary no minutes were available to review.
Financial Report:  Treasurer Gary F presented the Year-to-Date P & L and Balance sheets for review. Funds are in good shape.
Old Business:
*  Decision to withdraw $2000 from the Nogalas Sanora International Water Project grant was confirmed.  Project has not been approved by RI.  President Jim R will contact District Grant Coordinator Sally Montagne and request that our check be returned.
*   Board will support the Navaho Indian International Water Project in the amount of $2000. Action is needed to identify the POC for that project.
*  Club members will visit with the Arivaca Action Center board on February 12th to update the progress on the District grant.
New Business:
*  A number of topics were discussed concerning the upcoming Jazz in the Desert event.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:45.
Respectively submitted.
Jim Rusk
Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention the action of the RI Board of Directors last January re firearms, Rotary Clubs, Districts and Entities. I ask all of our membership to read the policy and not react in haste even though this is happening. Let's be patient and thoughtful. The policy is:
B-16. Weapons and Rotary Clubs, Districts and Other Rotary Entities
2.100. Clubs and Districts and Guns, Weapons or Other Armaments
Rotary clubs, Rotary districts and other Rotary entities shall not sell or otherwise transfer ownership of guns, weapons or other armaments, nor participate in activities where such items shall be sold or given away, such as raffles, even if the Rotary entity is not the owner of the item(s). Rotary clubs, Rotary districts and other Rotary Entities shall not conduct or sponsor any gun shows or other exhibitions involving guns, weapons or other armaments or accept sponsorship from any entity whose primary business is the sale or manufacturer of guns, weapons or other armaments.
The effective date for the world wide implementation is July 1, 2017 unless modified.
RI Weapons Policy 2017-03-14 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Yeager
Attention Visiting Rotarians
Valle Verde Rotary has a very unique program for our seasonal Rotary guests.  It’s known as our Sojourner Membership.  Each Sojourner is given a special red badge and is encouraged to participate in Club activities as any other member would do.  Visiting Rotarians in good standing may apply for Sojourner status by submitting an annual $50.00 donation to the Valle Verde Rotary Club Foundation, Inc. along with a completed information form to John Yeager (231) 946-8378.
Visiting Rotarians John Yeager 2017-01-16 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jim Rusk
Valle Verde Rotary Club President Alex Droban is proud to announce Jazz in the Desert VIII.  This years event will be Matinee and Dinner performances at the Quail Creek Ballroom on Saturday, February 25th.  The event committee, chaired by President Elect Dr. Virginia Juettner, is organizing a special Mardi Gras theme event. Performances will feature Jazz ensembles from Great Expectations Academy, Walden Grove, Sahaurita, Rio Rico and Nogales High Schools. The Matinee will also include a special performance by the new Anza Trail Middle School ensemble. 
Jazz in the Desert is the major fund raising event of the Valle Verde Rotary Club.  Over the past seven years over $50,000 has been returned to the music programs of the participating schools. Numerous other local and international projects are also supported by the event. These include: Continental School Birthday books, Sopori School “Dress for Success”, Student scholarships, and the Arivaca Early Learning Center locally and Madre Conchita Girls Orphanage, Nogales, Sonora, St. Andrews Clinic, Uganda Health days and the Rotary Student Exchange Program internationally.
A unique feature of the Matinee is providing free tickets to Assisted Living residents and clients of Casa Community Services. Experience has shown that music provides a boost in the quality of life of these attendees and injects a special energy into the Matinee performances.
There are many ways for the community to support this event.  Various levels of Sponsors – This years Major Partner is the FICO/Green Valley Pecan Company – are available to local businesses. Attending the event and participating in the Silent Auction which this year will feature, Week-end getaways, MN fishing trip, Art, jewelry, gift baskets and much, much more.  You can also become a “Friend of Valle Verde Rotary Club” with a cash donation. The Valle Verde Rotary Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) which makes your donation tax free.
A limited number of performance tickets ($10-Matinee: $35-Dinner) will be available at the Green Valley Chamber of Commerce and Quail Creek.  For more information contact Virginia Juettner, Ph.D. at 520-2407 or on Facebook.
Jazz in the Desert VIII Jim Rusk 2017-01-16 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Alex Droban on Jun 30, 2016
I was sitting in church the other day and we had a visiting pastor.  He stepped up to the podium and I saw a young man who I thought was all of 14 years old.  I know my wife thinks that I either sleep through the sermon or just don't pay attention.  But this young man got my attention and as he went on I found that his sermon drew me in, and I listened carefully.  As I continued to listen I associated the sermon to our Rotary Club.  So today I am going to talk about our Rotary Club being a “Deep Club.”
We have all attended Rotary Conferences and by now heard that we should strive to be a VIBRANT CLUB.  I believe that we can build on that goal and take it a step higher.  I believe that we can be a DEEP CLUB.  We are going to take a look at what is a Deep Club.  What is the DNA of a Deep Club?  What does it mean to us as individuals and as an organization to be a Deep Club?
There is a thought leader, Simon Sinek, who writes about how leaders can inspire cooperation, trust and change.  He says that most of us fall from our path because we focus so much on what we do that we forget why we do it.  If we are going to make a difference personally and organizationally, long term, then we really have to be intentional about why we do what we do.
So why a Deep Organization?  Because the story of our organization matters!  The story of Valle Verde Rotary matters.  Let us celebrate this club because the people in this club have a story in this community and in this world.  While we as Valle Verde Rotary members meet in this humble quarters our story is being told in this community.  Each of us, each of you also has a personal story, your place, your bigger story that also matters. 
As we age and go about our business our story becomes a little foggy.  Things have changed.  The community has changed. What took care of people, what satisfied people, what attracted people years ago no longer works.  Consider the church service of yesterday.  Some of those services in big tents, loud music, dramatic sermons.  They have all faded away because they no longer meet the needs of their members. Service clubs don’t attract people and keep members like they used to.  When organizations focus on community, connection, and collaboration they thrive. When it’s about the people.  When it's about the transformational power of relationships, community and engagement then the organization as a Deep Organization is important.  So we are all here for a worthy purpose, not by accident, and we are part of the story.
Any organization can have great speakers, parties, lunches, videos, and slogans.  Our story is important because we are a deep club.  We are about purpose, community, and service that engages us to one another as well as to those we serve.
In Tucson a collection of organizations gathered to talk about how to make Tucson a flourishing city.  This conversation generated more questions, including “What is the DNA of a transformative city?  What are the keys to organizations that are transforming their people, and their people are transforming the organization and the community around them?  Are their common characteristics?  Research finds that Deep Communities and companies do three things together.
  1. They create together.
  2. They lead and love together.
  3. They invest in each other.
This sounds pretty corporate, touchy freely, lofty, and broad.  But this comes from the Bible.  Go figure right!  After all this was a sermon.
The commentary goes  deeper with direction to care for what already exists but also to create what doesn't yet exist. We all perform random acts of kindness; hold the door, pay for a cup of coffee, etc.  We should continue those good deeds but it is not enough because true good deeds and service comes from the grit under your nails, the shovel in the dirt, and the sweat on your brow.  This is the hard work, creative, loving transformative service that transforms communities and people.  Deep Organizations care for what already exists and create what doesn't yet.  Deep Organizations create together.
Deep organizations demonstrate inter generational collaboration, the younger with the older.  We must be role models and mentors to those who join and those who follow.  Research shows that a critical factor in people leaving the church is the absence of relationship with an older person.  In the workplace, Employees quit their jobs not because they dislike their work but because of their boss, supervisor, or CEO.  ROTARY clubs lose members because of lack of engagement, absence of relationship.  Younger people want to have a relationship with you.  There is a younger person who desperately needs a relationship with you.  A Deep Organization requires that young people and older people have relationships.  This requires older Listening to the younger, and the younger listening to the older.  Mentors most often say, “I have this wisdom.  Let me pour it into you.”  Young people want you to pour it into them but they also need an opportunity to share back.  A Deep Organization leads and loves together.
Investing and resourcing into each other is important.  In Tucson, at the University of Arizona, 82% of the graduates leave Tucson upon graduation.  Only 18% will stay.  Deep Organizations must invest in its members to give them reason to stay.  University of Arizona graduates are lacking mentorship and professional connections, someone that will help them reach their dreams and goals.  They are lacking people that will invest together with them.
We are a Deep Organization.  We have a story, we have human resources, we have much to offer.  Younger people can benefit so much from a connection with the members of Valle Verde Rotary.
What does all this mean for us as individuals?  Be creative: See a need, fill a need.  At home, at work, in community, and in the world.  If you are filling a need you are being creative.  Relationships: Make time for relationships.  Allow younger and older to be near you.  Us older folks don't know how to have a relationship.  We get things done by checklists.  We do so many good things but they are so much more about the check boxes and check lists than about relationships.  Young people are much better about relationships than us older people.  We can learn from them.  Let us encourage each other through relationships. 
Deep Organizations, deep communities; Create together, They lead and love together, and They Invest in Each other.  Valle Verde Rotary is a Deep Organization and our story matters.  This year Sahuarita, Green Valley, District 5500, and Rotary International will hear our story.  Together we will Serve Humanity.
President's Message 2016-17 Alex Droban 2016-06-30 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jim Rusk on Jun 18, 2016
First Things First Award:  Our club will receive the First Things First award on Tuesday, June 21st and EVERYONE is invited. The meeting will began at 9:30 am and the award will be among the first items on the board's agenda so we should be finished by 10:15.  Checked out the location. The meeting will be in the Conference Room which is located on the the second floor of the office complex on the Northwest corner of the Continental shopping center. It is next to the True Value Hardware store. There is an elevator on the corner of the building - when you exit the elevator walk straight ahead and you will see a sign "Conference Room". Hope to see you there as it is an honor well earned by our club.
First Things First Recognition Jim Rusk 2016-06-18 07:00:00Z 0
Posted on May 09, 2016
This year is the year of politics at the national and state levels. How do we treat politics in our Rotary Clubs and our own Valle Verde Rotary Club in particular? Are there lines not to be crossed? If so, what are they and how do we know we have crossed a line or just merely approached? The following article from the April 2016 Rotarian Magazine provide the guidance we are looking for.
Rotary Clubs & Politics 2016-05-09 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Phil Silvers
Hi Rotary Friends and Supporters,
Thank you for your support of my effort in the Ride to End Polio in the 21 November El Tour de Tucson.  This aging body made the 40-mile ride this year in about 3.5 hours.  I assure you that the thought of your generosity helped keep me going--in the initial steep hill climb and in the final ten miles. 
All in all, you contributed $3, 115 which, with the Bill and Melinda Gates 2:1 match, earned $9,345 to eradicate polio from the face of the earth...which could happen in 2016 (Pakistan will be tough but current numbers are encouraging).  When I get the numbers from all of our 100 or so riders, I will let you know.
Special thanks to JP and Kathleen.  John Pilger contributed himself and sent your money into The Rotary International Foundation--for which you received Paul Harris credit.  Anne, you will receive a Rotary ID number and when you join Rotary, you will have your contribution to your credit.  Kathleen contributed big time and took the attached picture and got some publicity for Rotary's Polio work in the Green Valley News (November 29, p B-3 "Riding Strong").
From the children of the world who will now live healthy, normal lives, many thanks!
Ride to End Polio Phil Silvers 2015-12-09 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Phil Silvers
Valle Verde RC's Rotary Peace Fellow, Dimitria Clayton, literally stole the show at the 10th Anniversary Conference of Rotary's Chulalongkorn University Peace Center in Bangkok.  The conference was telecast worldwide.  We saw Dimitria live on Thanksgiving evening, 9-10 pm Arizona time, which was Friday morning in Bangkok.
Dimitria had a ten-minute opening statement on the immigration crisis in Europe (where she works), and then responded to a half dozen questions from the floor--all in two minutes.  She spoke fluently and with passion, only occasionally glancing at her notes.  She was clear, succinct, and substantive.  She couched her remarks in the context of the world history of immigration--not only is it a humanitarian effort by the receiving country, but an economic benefit to the same receiving country.  Dimitria very effectively debunked the current myths that immigrants deny locals jobs and are a drain on society.  She complimented those subgroups in European countries which have formed welcoming committees for the new immigrants.
And...she has already thanked us for watching and commenting on her one-hour segment!  Dimitria will come visit our club in the new year.
Valle Verde Rotary's Peace Fellow on the Air Phil Silvers 2015-11-28 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Phil Silvers
Opportunities for Rotary Family Health Days
As of today, Rotary Family Health Days in Africa has served 1.23 million patients since 2011 in Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa.  Our model for measuring sustainability is now used in all four countries and is endorsed by the CDC, the Coca Cola Africa Foundation, and TRF staff.
If you want to go as a Rotary volunteer in any of the four countries, paying ~$1500 airfare and ~$100 visa, we can have you picked up at the airport and home hosted in nice accommodations.  We are adding India in 2016.  Volunteers at RFHDs can--work registration, greet and guide patients, help elderly and disabled get priority treatment, sort and distribute prescribed medicines, interview patients and get informed consent forms for evaluation follow up.  White folks, of course, stand out and the patients are honored that you have come to assist.  There is nothing like having them come up and say:  Thank you for loving us!
Some tourism will no doubt be provided by your hosts at no cost.  Special wildlife reserves and spectacular parks can be arranged by Rotary-connected tour agents at very low-cost.  South Africa and Uganda have prime sites, but Ghana and Nigeria have some charming venues as well.  You will be safe and well-cared for.
All countries--in Africa and India--will hold RFHDs for three days in late October 2016.  Uganda will also do early April 2016, just prior to our Vocational Training Team on diagnostics for rural health providers.
Contact me at silverlode@cox.net or 399-3994 if you might be interested.
A Volunteer Opportunity That Will Change Your Life Phil Silvers 2015-11-20 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bob Juettner
Way back in the old days when I was a teenager, there was a British TV show called This Was The Week That Was hosted by David Frost. It didn't last long but the title always stayed with me. This was another of the weeks that was for Valle Verde Rotary Club. Starting with last Thursday, we had or did the following:
  1. We met at Quail Creek to hear John Abraham speak on advanced medical directives and the rights of those who wish to die.
  2. Some of the members meet with the some of the members of the Rotary Clubs of Nogales from AZ and Sonora to discuss a safe drinking water project at a school in Nogales, Sonora.
  3. Friday was Birthday Books at the Continental School and we had a good turnout of members including Benjamin Gillette who drafted a worker to help out.
  4. Saturday was the Chilli Cook Off at La Posada. Some of our members were judges and some of us sold beer as a fund raiser, maybe. Last year we lost $1.50 but this year we switched from kegs to cans. If we did not give away too many samples and comp the band, maybe we made some money. In any case we have beer left over for a Thirsty Thursday at someone's house.
  5. Also on Saturday, President Jim and a few others went to Arivacca to check out the community health fair with an eye to a future project.
Here is a little advice for our new Rotarians--get involved now before it is too late. There is more to being a Rotarian than paying dues and going to a meeting. If the Club activities do not interest you, start one of your own and see how it works out. All of the activities above were started by individual Valle Verde Rotarians who saw a need and did something about that needed to get done:
  • Kids need to read; give them there own book once a year.
  • Safe drinking water is needed in Mexico just 50 miles away.
  • You want to work farther afield or abroad, speak to Phil Silvers.
  • Come and have a drink of your favorite beverage at the next Thirsty Thursday. Tell us a little about yourself and maybe someone might reciprocate.
  • Our club possess a wealth of talent and wisdom. Ever hear of impressionist photography? Speak to Sonja who has an amazing life.
Our approval process for new members is pretty light. However, there are only 1.2 million Rotarians in this world out of a population of 6 or 7 billion humans. Make the best of being a Rotarian.
Club News, Oct 29, 2015 Bob Juettner 2015-10-27 07:00:00Z 0
The Rotary District 5500 Fall Conference registration is now available at: http://www.rotaryd5500.org/.  Just click on the desert scene which should be familiar to most of us and follow the instructions. We expect to see you there.
District 5500 Fall Conference 2015-08-18 07:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jun 17, 2015
I have begun the Peace Program at Chula and Bangkok! It has been a very exciting time. I've been here for about 10 days now and have met some very interesting people and have already learned a lot. I am sure that whatever happens, I'll be able to use the information and benefit from the network that I'm gaining and developing here.
I have attached some pictures of this sessions peace fellows, their host counselors (local Rotary members) and, on the big group picture, you will see, front row in the middle, the man who initiated the Rotary Chula Peace Program - Mr. Bhichai - former Deputy Prime Minister and former Foreign Minister of Thailand. We are, as you will notice a very international group. Many of them have experience with peace and conflict resolution programs in place like South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Iraq, and Kenya.  I have to host country counselors - Santi Chaterjee and Prof. Abdus Samad - both of them former presidents of a local Rotary club. You will see them in the big group picture standing in the second row, near the middle to the left (from your perspective) of the lady in the red top. They picked me up from the airport and have been making sure that I settle in well. I have been invited to visit their club next week Thursday.
I have also attached a couple of pictures of a Thai group of artists who were having an outdoor performance just in front of the place where we often go to eat in the evenings.
I am staying on the 20th floor of a new dorm for international students. It is very near the student center where we have our sessions, close to several big shopping malls and a number of markets. From my window I have a view of the city that reminds me of New York. The facilities are fantastic. The student sport facilities are particularly good with anything you could want (tennis, soccer, basketball, yoga, etc) free of charge. I have regular morning workout sessions at the local stadium with several of the other peace fellows most mornings.
On July 5, we will be taking a field trip to look at conflict and peace related projects in Thailand to a city in the South. We will have a field trip toward the end of the program in Cambodia. So there is a lot more to look forward to.
I will close now but will send another email as time goes on with more info on my stay here.
Many greetings to the Valle Verde club! And again, many thanks.
All the best,
Dmitria Clayton, VVRC's Peace Scholar 2015-06-17 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bob Juettner
President Larry oversaw his last board of directors meeting this past Monday. We all reviewed of areas of responsibilities to ensure a smooth transition to President Jim in a few weeks.  (You may remember to President Larry is off to see a new grandchild and some R & R with Tammy in Hawaii so he will not be around for the rest of June.) Some of the highlights of the meeting were:
  1. Dottie Hill won the Paul Harris drawing for the month!
  2. Arlyeen Boyuls was granted a leave of absence or the Rule of 85. It is her choice.
  3. Max Perry is going to investigate the biggest social gig of next year. I will let him tell you about it.
  4. Dues will most likely go up in July. This was a big item of discussion but action was postponed until soon to be President Jim is back. Some important points of this discussion were: 48% of all of your dues goes to RI & District (the amount increases a dollar or two a year); no one can remember when the dues were last increased; there should be some benefit to the members of increased dues (we seem to be moving to drop fees or costs for two social engagements each year); the dues will probably be increase $12 per quarter to an annual dues of $300.
  5. Phil Silvers was approved as the Valle Verde delegate to the RI Convention. Hopefully, RI will have a quorum.
  6. People favored having "is it fun" as part of our meeting but not as part of the Four Way Test. It will likely be added at the beginning or the end of the meeting but separated in time from the Four Way Test.
  7. Finally, President Larry used $200 of the President's discretionary fun to pay for a partial scholarship for a young musician from Rio Rico to attend a workshop in Tucson.
To wrap this report up, the Shelter Box challenge is alive and very well.  The final amount is still to be determined by within the last 24 hours, the Challenge received a $1,000 from the Marana Rotary Club and a $1,000 from the Green Valley Rotary Club Foundation. For a complete wrap up, see Wednesday's Green Valley News.
Club News, June 4, 2015 Bob Juettner 2015-06-02 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jack Grieves
The program was presented by Rotarian Pat Sheely who spoke on his interest on genealogy and told of some of the historical lineage of the Sheely family.  His research led him to Lexington, Kentucky and a small town named Cynthiana.  When he asked a lady in the Public Records office about an ancestor named David Sheely who had lived in the lexington area, he thought the lady gave him an odd look, but then she led him to some public records that told of David Sheely having been convicted of murdering his wife in 1839, although he never admitted it.  He was hung for the crime, his body dismembered and the body parts donated to the medical profession for educational purposes.  A short time later the real killer made a death bed confession and then people began telling of seeing David Sheely's ghost, and the legend of David Sheely's ghost  was born.  In 1960 a great, great granddaughter of David Sheely happened upon one of David Sheely's hands preserved in formaldehyde and kept as a souvenir in a local doctor's office.  She afterwards claimed she had at that time seen David Sheely's ghost which pointed toward an adjacent cemetery as if to say the hand should be buried there.
In 1882 the Sheely family moved to Texas near San Antonio where several of them joined the Texas Rangers and later became known as the First Family of the Texas Rangers.
Pat's advice to those who wish to pursue their ancestral records is to start with their father's birth certificate and work backwards, consulting the website "Ancestry.com" and the ancestral records at Brigham Young University.
Club Notes, May 28,2015 Jack Grieves 2015-06-02 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Phil Silvers on May 29, 2015
Dear Friends in Rotary,
We have just uploaded the attached initial report to the Rotary Foundation website for the referenced Global Grant/VTT.  Thanks to the team for your comments and suggestions, and your months of work on this project.  Also attached is the VTT brochure which gives you a quick overview of the VTT and which gives the trainees contact information for the team.
Rotary leaders in Uganda are currently contacting the four remaining sponsor clubs to expedite their presentations of the ultrasound scanners to the participating healthcare centers.  In September, we will perform two sustainability follow-ups:  1) Of the 23 VTT trainees, and 2) of a sample of more than 200 patients during Rotary Family Health Days in April 2015.  We will then file the Final Report and financial accounting for the reference grant, Strengthening the Diagnostic Capability in Rural Ugandan Healthcare...well in advance of the required one-year report deadline.
Acknowledgments are contained in the attached report, but we do need to give special thanks to the sponsoring District Governors--Harish Bhatt, Sally Montagne, and Ajay Gupta--and their DRFCs.  We also need to acknowledge the assistance of TRF staff, Abby McNear and Brent Drage, in helping to expedite the various approval processes at TRF during a high-volume season for East Africa.
The trainees and their healthcare center directors are indeed grateful for this project, not to mention the expectant mothers over the coming years for the better diagnostics in their villages.
Please let me know if you have questions.  Your next report will be in October 2015.
Uganda Wrap-up Phil Silvers 2015-05-29 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jim Rusk
On April 25, 2015, Nepal was struck with a magnitude 7.8 earthquake resulting in destruction of communities on a scale that is hard to imagine. Thousands of people were killed and many more were left homeless without shelter, food or water. Such destruction requires immediate humanitarian aid if those who survived the earthquake are to live and rebuild.
Rotary International as the oldest and largest humanitarian organization in the world has long used Shelter Boxes to provide resources in countries experiencing catastrophic events like earthquakes. Shelter Boxes were used successfully in: 2010 – Haiti earthquake: 2011 – USA storms and tornadoes (Arkansas): 2012-13 – Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Syria – Syrian conflict/refugee crisis: 2013 – Philippines – Typhoon Haiyan and earthquake.
The Valle Verde Rotary Club of Green Valley and the Green Valley Rotary Club are raising funds to provide Shelter Boxes for the people of Nepal and would like to make this a community wide project.  Rotarians will MATCH community contributions dollar for dollar up to $5000.00.  We invite all of our citizens to join the Shelter Box Challenge.  This challenge will begin May 14th and last thru May 31st.
What exactly is a Shelter Box?  As the name implies, the boxes contain supplies essential for a family of eight to survive the aftereffects of a natural disaster.  They were developed through Rotary International in Cornwall, England.
What does a typical box contain?  A durable plastic box which can be used for storage, tent, stove, water containers and purification systems, cooking equipment, blankets and ground sheets, hats, gloves, scarves, tool kit, mosquito nets, and children activity packs.
How do they get to the people who need them?  Boxes are prepositioned throughout the world in Dubai, Panama, Melbourne, Curacao and Singapore.  Currently the boxes are being handled by the Rotary Clubs in Kathmandu, Nepal. Shelter Box Response teams insure that the deliveries are not tied up in government “red tape” and the goal is for them to reach communities within 48 to 72 hours.
How much does a Shelter Box cost?  $1,000.
Why should I support the Shelter Box project for Nepal?  These shelters will have a direct and lasting impact upon the people of Nepal. The boxes will last for a long period of time, allow the family group to remain together and prevent the spread of disease. 100% of donations go to the project. With the matching funds you will also double each dollar donated.
How do I contribute? Both Rotary clubs have 501(c)3 foundations which will make contributions tax deductible.  Checks should be made out to the Valle Verde Rotary Club Foundation and mailed to P.O. Box 311, Green Valley, AZ 85622 or the Green Valley Rotary Club Foundation and mailed to P.O. Box 701, Green Valley, AZ 85622.  To make a contribution by Credit Card please call: Bob Juettner, 240-4303, or Ron Darrah, 203-1888 (After May 16th).  Questions may be directed to: Jim Rusk, 625-0860 or Gene Friesen, 625-4231.
Rotary Clubs of Green Valley Shelter Box Challenge Jim Rusk 2015-05-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on May 06, 2015
Thanks to Ron Darrah, club members and their guests have a wonderful opportunity to see some D-backs games this summer at a bargain price and not have to drive to Phoenix.  Ron announced recently that we were invited to join Quail Creek residents on their bus to Phoenix. The price is only $43 and includes the bus, driver gratuity, a bottle of water, and ticket to the game in section 111. This price represents a $25 savings over the price quoted when we were planning the trip alone and over $60 compared to the GVR planned trips. A true bargain!! 
We will have three possible dates to see a game:
Sunday, June 7 versus the New York Mets....deadline May 29
Sunday, July 26 versus the Milwaukee Brewers...deadline July 10
Sunday, August 9 versus the Cincinnati Reds...deadline July 31
The bus will leave the Quail Creek Madera Clubhouse about 10:00 AM for the 1:00 PM start time and return about 7:00 PM.
There is no limit to the number of games you can attend, but seats on the bus are limited to 50, including any Quail Creek residents.              I suggest you call Quail Creek Concierge Desk directly to order your tickets at 393-5822.  
Arizona D-backs Games Trips Announced 2015-05-06 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bob Juettner
Where to begin since last week?
  Birthday Books were distributed last Thursday. Members attending were Jim & Kathy Rusk, Rachel Malcolm, Tom Cooke and yours truly. A good time was had by all and Rachel even took a little homework with her. As I was in charge, I told everyone to just leave and forgot to check them out at the front desk but it all worked out.
  Board of Directors' Meeting was well attended. Ed Farver gets $100 for his Paul Harris as our lucky winner for April. The Board approved Mie Duiven as a regular member matriculating from Sojourner status. Mike is sponsored by Terry Sutherland.  Approved moving forward with an aid contribution for the Nepal in the form of a shelter box contribution. The VVRC Foundation has $1,000 on the table and the Club is asking for individual contributions to add to this amount. Bring your checks and credit cards tomorrow.  I also wrote a separate story on this action with a lot of additional information. Sojouners you might want to pass this idea onto your permanent clubs. The Board also confirmed a number of resignations so that our club membership is up to date when the RI and District 5500 bills come due in a few weeks.
MARY FISHER CONGRATULATIONS! Mary finished second in her age class in her first triathlon. Way to go Mary.  I won't ask what age group you were in because it doesn't matter.
Don't forget Thirsty Thursday next week at Quail Creek at 4:30. Returned Rotarian Ron Darrah said all the drinks are on Mr. Robson--not! Also the Board of Directors retreat is coming up on May 23rd at Quail Creek. Maybe Mr. Robson should spring for a round of well drinks.
Club News, May 7,2015 Bob Juettner 2015-05-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Richard D. Roberts
  Let the enthusiasm begin!!! Irene Redondo gave her Ice-Breaker this morning. A new Rotarian and already preparing to serve on the Club Board. High energy levels indeed.
     A mother of 3, Irene retired from the Green Valley News after 20 years as business manager. The "retirement" lasted about 3 months. Being a stay-at-home mom just did not seem to fit -- her or the kids.
     Irene is now involved in a variety of volunteer activities ranging from Green Valley to Hermisillo, Mexico-- all the while being gainfully employed in finance for the town of Sahuarita.
     Valle Verde Rotary has a live-wire indeed.
Club Notes, Apr 30, 2015 Richard D. Roberts 2015-05-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bob Juettner
The simple idea of providing some assistance to the people of Nepal is growing! A few of us wanted to get a Shelter Box to help out the Nepalese people. The VVRC Board and the VVRC Foundation Board picked up the idea. Our Foundations said they would make a $1,000 donation for a Shelter Box if the Club Board approved. The Club Board agreed with it and said that it would solicit donations at Thursday's meeting to enhance our Foundation's donation with the hope of doubling it which we did for the Philippine disaster. Then soon to be President Jim Rusk expanded the idea by saying he would contact the Green Valley Rotary Club to see if they would join the effort. He also said he would approach the I 19 Corridor Clubs on Monday next and see if KGVY would give us some air time to pitch the project to the community. Soon to be past president Larry offered to donate some paid for KGVY time that Home Watch Caregivers has to begin the pitching.
So, this morning here is where we stand: the Green Valley Rotary Club made donations of $870 at Tuesday's meeting. Furthermore Katie Carter, their PE, and Gene Friesen have volunteered to join our efforts. KGVY will give us time on May 14th and Larry Kempton is giving us some time on May 12th to introduce the idea on his KGVY show. And, do you remember Kevin Kent who spoke to our Club recently? PE Jim will try to enlist him as well so that we have someone with a good local knowledge of Nepal to assist us.
How an Idea Starts, Grows & Blossoms Bob Juettner 2015-05-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Max Perry on Apr 29, 2015
During the upcoming month of May we will have a couple of opportunities to gather with fellow Rotarians outside our regular Thursday meetings.  The first is our regular Thirsty Thursday which will be held at Quail Creek on May 14 at 4:30. Both Quail Creek and a slightly later starting time were requested by several folks. Some might like to come to Thirsty Thursday and then stay for dinner. Sounds like a good idea and a nice way to extend the fellowship. The second gathering is a trip to the UA baseball game on Thursday, May 21. It will be played at Hi Corbett field and will see Arizona take on Abilene Christian at 6:00. Assuming we have at least 15 sign up, our tickets will be the bargain price of $4.00.  A list was circulated this morning and we have 13 already. This will be a fun evening and carpooling details will be available later. Watch for the clipboard next week or email me (mbperry@cox.net) and I'll add you to the list.
MAY SOCIAL HAPPENINGS Max Perry 2015-04-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Phil Silvers
Hi Friends,

You're wondering why you have not heard from me for two days. Well...things turned out pretty well at graduation yesterday, and our 'fellowship' meeting at the Kiwatule club last night. The Minister of Health, a past president, was there for my presentation. Some members of the team have been, shall we say, demanding.  Every hour or so, a new idea or better way of doing things...even when the 'new idea' is what we are already doing.  It has been exhausting.  The trainees have been wonderful and inspiring...and inspiring one another.  Also, our Rtn Rosemary and her two staff members from Mulago national referral hospital have been super great to work with.  Out of about 25 cases with the pregnant women we screened, there were three exceptional cases:  one with two tubal masses, a discovery of twins rather than a large baby, and, sadly, a fetus that had been dead for several days.

We finished with 23 happy graduates.

Today, I have a day off--to analyze and write the participant evaluations.  Tomorrow, Dana and I go to Gulu in the north country for Rotary Family Health Days.

Meanwhile, I am behind the curve on coordinating nationwide the random sample of sites for 4-month follow-up evaluation.  That is job one for today--my "day off."

Just before the participants wrote their Personal/Professional Strategic Plans (which I also need to analyze), we had a fun time in the amazing vegetable demonstration garden with various kinds of composting.  We planted things, getting down and dirty.  Hopefully, we will have gardens around the country, providing free, or low-cost, vegetables for expectant mothers.

Time to go back to bed!  Thanks for your support,  phil
Dispatches from Uganda, Days 3-5 Phil Silvers 2015-04-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Max Perry
The I-19 Rotary Mixer, hosted by the Nogales, Rio Rico & Tubac Rotary Clubs, is set for Friday, April 24th at 5:30 pm at Dos Silos in the Tubac Golf Resort. Hors d’oeuvres will be served and there will be a cash bar.
Rotarians and their guests are welcome to attend.
This is an excellent opportunity to introduce prospective Rotary members to our Rotary family and to enlighten them as to the benefits of belonging to our organization.
We need to confirm the number of people expected to attend, so we will be counting noses this Thursday, April 16. If you cannot attend this week's meeting please let me (331-2973) know if you plan to attend. I need to report our number by Monday, April 20.
Thanks, and let’s look forward to a lively event on the 24th!
We had a nice turn out on a beautiful evening at Quail Creek last Thursday. The LAST club sanctioned Thirsty Thursday of this Rotary year will be May 14.  We'll take a break June, July and August and begin anew on September 10. Of course, anyone is welcome to extend an invitation any Thursday morning to meet at a time and place of your choosing. It's always nice to get together.   If you have a suggestion of where you would like to meet in May, I'd love to hear from you.  Also, please think about our rotating site format. Do you like a different local each month or would you like to settle on  one or two spots? In addition it has been suggested that we move the time to 4:30 to accommodate those who are still working. How does that sound?
I-19 Mixer and Thirsty Thursdays Max Perry 2015-04-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Phil Silvers
Hello all,

Today (Saturday) was our first day of training.  It could not have gone better--except that five trainees were no shows, but they will be with us tomorrow and our first 16 will help them get caught up.  It is an impressive group--from all over the country.  And four of the ten sponsor Rotary clubs also showed up to start the bonding.  The rest will join us as we go.

We started with introductions, some testimonials, trainees telling about their greatest challenges.  Objectives of this project, the MOU between sponsor clubs and the healthcare centers.  We have four Ugandans on the team--Rotarian Rosemary, the radiologist, and her two colleagues from Mulago Hospital; then Rotarian Shiba, the staff nutritionist at AIC (our host for the 3rd year).  Shiba has created wonderful demo compost pits and several demo veggie gardens as nutrition is a huge issue for  the well-being of mothers and babies.

We unpacked the ten ultrasounds and charged up four of them for the afternoon.  In the morning, trainees learned the workings of the ultrasound and how to use it.  In the afternoon. we had 3 breakout groups with 2-3 trainees in each group volunteering as 'patients'.  They were like kids at Christmas with this very helpful tool that they have forever needed.

Dr Dan Shanit MD of Israel had great difficulty getting her from France where he was consulting...canceled flights and a missed flight. He has already made a great difference after he arrived in the early afternoon.  We had a very stimulating meeting here at the hotel after the 'work day.'

Tomorrow the trainees will get a primer in OB/GYN, analyze some slides, and Dana will do some role plays on interviewing patients...and getting their histories.
Monday we will have 20 pregnant clients and 10 other women volunteers.

The team seems to be bonding very well.  Intermittent rain yesterday; none at all today.
Dispatches from Uganda, Day 1 Phil Silvers 2015-04-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Phil Silvers
Day Two is in the books. We had lectures all morning and it was too long--not supposed to be that way.  However, the afternoon was all hands-on with our trainees examining each other, which they were very willing to do.  We even had an expectant mother who was among the first volunteers.  Late afternoon, Dana put on an outstanding role play on how to interview patients.

Tomorrow, we will import 20 pregnant women, and supervise our trainees while they each interview and use ultrasound on the patient.  Tomorrow evening we will attend the meeting of our host club, Kampala South.  Not looking forward to the weekday traffic in Kampala.  Even today, we had to wait 25 minutes for a Sunday morning marathon to move on.
Dispatches from Uganda, Day 2 Phil Silvers 2015-04-13 00:00:00Z 0
A couple of quick reminders from Club Services territory.....
Thirsty Thursday for April 9 will be at 4:00 at Quail Creek. This is a great opportunity to visit with fellow Rotarians (and guests, of course) in a more casual setting and for a longer time than is often available at our regular meetings. The weather will be nice and the view spectacular.
Also, each of you should have received an email invitation to provide feedback on this year's social gatherings. I've heard from several folks but would like to hear from many, many more. Thanks.
Thirsty Thursday at Quail Creek 2015-04-07 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Microcredit Project in Sonora Mexico 2015-03-25 00:00:00Z 0
This Thursday's regular meeting will be the last opportunity to sign up for the Sojourners' Farewell Party.
The evening will begin at 4:30 with drinks. Dinner will be served at our tables about 5:00 and our very own troubadour Volney Morin will entertain. If you haven't signed up, please do so Thursday. Be sure to indicate how many will be attending and your choice of chicken marsala or vegetable lasagna. If your plans have changed and you need to delete your name, please do that on Thursday or let me know at 331-2973.  I will be reporting the final numbers to our caterer, Jenni Stern, Thursday afternoon.
SOJOURNER PARTY REMINDER 2015-03-10 00:00:00Z 0
Plans are coming together for our annual goodbye dinner for our sojourners.  The event will be held March 21 from 4:30 to 8:00 at the Esperanza Estates ramada, on the corner of Portillo and Ensalmo.
Diners will be able to choose chicken marsala with wild rice or veggie lasagna accompanied by a garden salad, rolls and dessert.
Beer, wine or soft drinks are included but BYOB is always appropriate.
Sign up will begin at this Thursday's regular meeting.
Check your calendars and talk to your significant others and register then with your choice of entree.
This is the final social event of our Rotary year and we hope for a great turnout.
Sojourners Fairwell Party 2015-02-14 00:00:00Z 0
Thirsty Thursday this month will be held at Easy Street, in the Arizona Family Restaurant.
We will meet at 4:00 PM, March 12. We hope to have a nice turnout and join other club members for some good times. See you there and remember, guests are always welcome.
March Thirsty Thursday at Easy Street 2015-02-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jan 02, 2015
Jazz For Fun is an annual charitable event to raise money for music programs in our local schools, as well as assist in many other charitable endeavors.  This program is orchestrated by the Valle Verde Rotary Foundation. In the accompanying link, you will hear Valle Verde Rotary's club secretary Chad Denson explain our club's major fund raiser and name the many community beneficiaries of this project and others of Valley Verde Rotary.
We hope you will consider supporting this project. It will be a fun evening for an excellent cause. Enjoy.
Jazz Festival for School Music Programs and other charitable causes 2015-01-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Max Perry

The first Thirsty Thursday of the new year will be January 8.
Everyone is invited, including guests, to the EASY STREET LOUNGE in the ARIZONA FAMILY RESTAURANT at 4:00.
Happy Hour is from 2:00 to 6:00, so our members who are still working can still enjoy some reduced prices
So, please plan to attend and bring your friends, spouses, co-workers, neighbors or people you just met in the parking lot.
FIRST THIRSTY THURSDAY OF 2015 Max Perry 2014-12-22 00:00:00Z 0
Club Notes, Nov. 20, 2104 Peter Eichman 2014-12-02 00:00:00Z 0
Club News, Dec. 4, 2014 Bob Juettner 2014-12-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Max Perry on Nov 28, 2014
With us now entering December, I thought it might be a good time to think about our annual calendar sales and bring everyone up to date on it's progress. As of the end of November we have deposited $1600 into the Valle Verde Rotary Foundation. I think that is a significant effort.  However, we still have about 150 calendars out that have not been sold or, at least, the money has not been turned in.  If you have sold calendars please turn in the money as soon as you can. If you think you have exhausted the sales opportunities, then return any calendars you have so I can give them to Ron. Of course, any sojourners who would like to purchase calendars should know we can accommodate them.  Thank you.
Calendar Sales Update Max Perry 2014-11-29 00:00:00Z 0
Attention Visiting Rotarians
Valle Verde Rotary has a very unique program for our seasonal Rotary guests.  It’s known as our Sojourner Membership.  Each Sojourner is given a special red badge and is encouraged to participate in Club activities as any other member would do.  Visiting Rotarians in good standing may apply for Sojourner status by submitting an annual $50.00 donation to the Valle Verde Rotary Club Foundation, Inc. along with a completed information form to John Yeager (231) 946-8378. 
Attention Visiting Rotarians!!! John Yeager 2014-11-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Max Perry
Don't miss our last Thirsty Thursday of the the year. We will gather at the Quail Creek Grill at 4:00 on Thursday, December 11. Special tables have been reserved on the patio. All of our Thirsty Thursdays are held at full service restaurants that offer a full menu, including a complete selection of alcoholic AND non-alcoholic beverages. These gatherings are a great chance to visit with members who may not sit at your table during our regular meetings. And, as usual, guests are always welcome. See you there.
Last Thirsty Thursday of 2014 Max Perry 2014-11-23 00:00:00Z 0
If you are interested in carpooling to the football game on Saturday, plan to be in the church parking lot by 11:30.
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Our next major social gathering opportunity is scheduled for Saturday, November 1, as we join with the noon club to host the fall installment of the I-19 Corridor Mixer.
Driving north to join us will be members from Nogales, Rio Rico and Tubac.
We will gather in the Eldorado Room, La Perla Building at La Posada from 5:30 to 7:30. There will a cash bar ($3 for ALL drinks and no tipping please.), complimentary veggie, fruit and cheese trays for munching and meat balls and chicken skewers. Non-alcoholic drinks, including sodas, will be available as well at no cost. This will be a good opportunity to meet and greet other Rotarians in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Drop in, even for a little while.
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Valle Verde Rotary's annual pool party concluded this weekend and was by all reports a major success. I would like to thank all the Rotarians who attended.
In addition a big thank you to the members who donated personal services, both large and small, to the auction that made the event a financial success as well. And, of course,  to those who dug deep to place the winning bids a special thank you is due.
Specials kudos go out to Tom Cooke for his help with the auction, Gary Friedman for his superior photography, Bob "Lefty" Juettner for manning the treasurer's chair, Melodye Cooke for helping with set up and clean up and Jenni Stern of Sweet Peas for a delicious buffet. And, finally, a big thank you to the Rust Ford group for a rousing and entertaining evening of western music. THANK YOU ALL. I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR.
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Here's the Thirsty Thursday Happy Hour schedule for the remainder on 2014:
October 9......Easy Street in the Arizona Family Restaurant
November 13...The 19th Hole in the Best Western Hotel....Celebrating our 27th birthday.
December 11...Quail Creek Grill
All Thirsty Thursdays begin at 4:00 and end when the last person leaves.
If you can't make it this time, we'll see you next month. Join us as we get to know each other in a more relaxed atmosphere.
And, remember, it's always ok to bring a guest.
Posted by Max Perry on Sep 24, 2014
Our Thirsty Thursday Rotary get together for Thursday, October 9 has been moved.
Originally scheduled for Quail Creek, we will gather at Easy Street instead.
After conferring with several members, it was felt we should keep the event a little more centrally located.
Please join us at 4:00 at Easy Street (Arizona Family Restaurant) on October 9.
It's a nice relaxing time and a chance to get to know our fellow Rotarians a little better.
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Posted on Aug 12, 2014
Thursday August 14, 2014 is the first Thirsty Thursday gathering at Easy Street Lounge. The Easy Street Lounge is located inside the Arizona Family Restaurant on Esperanza and will begin at 4 pm.

This is the first in a series of, dare I say, FABULOUS social events laboriously constructed by super hero and club member Max Perry. Stay tuned for our future social events including a UofA football game!

Stop by even if you have the time.  To paraphrase a Chinese manager you do not have to drink!

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Posted by Chad Denson on Aug 11, 2014
Thursday August 14, 2014 is the first Thirsty Thursday gathering at Easy Street Lounge. The Easy Street Lounge is located inside the Arizona Family Restaurant on Esperanza and will begin at 4 pm.

This is the first in a series of, dare I say, FABULOUS social events laboriously constructed by super hero and club member Max Perry. Stay tuned for our future social events including a UofA football game!

Stop by even if you have the time.  To paraphrase a Chinese manager you do not have to drink!


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